Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?...

 Hello Dhaaarlings...

My poor sad old computer is slowly grinding a long and protracted march toward an inevitable and long awaited death. A week ago it started to do very strange things like get slower and slower to load and programs that I have used for ages suddenly crashing...
So it was time to start looking for a new apparatus.
Now the old darling will not recognise the new modem and so I can't even get on line to acces the help desk!
The Empress has been wanting to upgrade her mobile phone for some time now so off we went. I have never had a mobile device! I know! Reading this news you've probably gone into shock...
But I'm just an old fashioned girl darlings...
Anyway... After speaking to the lovely young shop assistant...We now have three mobile devices a smartphone each plus the inclusion of an iPad Mini which explains why I have just been for another check with the optometrist.
Yes...Prinny needs stronger glasses for reading and now driving as well...
It was already bad enough trying to read and write using the old computer but on these new contraptions I'm thoroughly stuffed...
Everything is so small and I have big clunky fingers to stuff up texting in an exemplary manner
That's even without trying to locate the correct icon in the first place.
The trouble with all these smart gadgets is that they are smarter than the person attempting to use them and then when yo do finally find what it is you are looking for it starts
interrupting you with silly questions or sliding things over the screen that you didn't want and now don't know how to get rid of.

Bugger technology darlings...

It has taken me over a week to write this with my grandson ? Fuck predictive text. What I was trying to write was great big clunky fingers and strained eyesight..

Ahhhhrg I've had enough!!!


  1. I do sympathise, sweetie. The clunk of reading glasses cases all around the table when handed the menu in a restaurant with friends just serves to remind us we are not spring chickens any more! There is, however, absolutely no excuse for the sheer aggravation of the dreaded "smart" phone - within a year of owning one, I ditched it and now have a teensy easy-to-use Nokia again... Jx

    1. Aging eyes I can cope with but the font size on phones are like rubbing salt into a wound...

  2. I'm with Jon; no smartphones for me.
    And the glasses? I feel your pain!

  3. Its fun getting old isn't it? And just wait till the tits hang at the waist line.

  4. Back up any important files on that old computer! Here are some things to try to speed up the old computer.

    PS: I hate predictive text. I have it turned off.

  5. Prinny, dear, when it all gets too much for me can I come and sit in your garden and no one will be able to find me because I don't have a cell phone!I took my last one to some place that had a recycle bin for dead phones.

  6. I also hate predictive texts on smart phones. And I still prefer the feel and sounds of an actual keyboard when typing--I'm so much faster at using an actual keyboard than trying to type on a touch screen using just my thumbs.

    I totally understand your frustration with tech. I had to unsync my email from my phone--I didn't like how nosy the phone was with my private contacts. And I didn't like how it buzzed at all hours everytime I got an email. It was annoying! If I wanted to check email, I'll go online. If it's something urgent or important or an emergency, I expect a phone call/message/text. I didn't like how work emails were buzzing on the phone during my off hours. It was like there was no separation of my work and private life, and I hated that! So I unsynced my email from the phone, and I feel so much better and less stressed.

    Technology should make our lives easier, not harder.

  7. Oh, thank goodness someone understands my plight.

  8. How about one of these endorsed by Age UK.

  9. Welcome to mini iPad angst!!
    I have to take my glasses off to read these days... or I have to peer down my nose through the tiny slither in my varifocals. Also, cleaning my glasses makes a big difference!

  10. I sympathise, Princess. Mine's on the way out, too, and I dread trying to find a suitable replacement. That replacement won't be any kind of smart tablet thingy, though - for exactly the reasons you're dealing with!