Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I'm Not Dead, But Some Days it just feels like it...

Hello Dhaarlings...

It has been a long time since we last spoke...and I know you must have all been terribly worried about  where prinny had pfaffed off to... without even a hint of her whereabouts...

Turn off the alarms and stand the search parties down... I'm here darlings... sitting in my recliner in front of the heater doing very little else but read, watch telly and visits to the doctor for either the Empress or myself.
It has been a cold and shitty winter. Both of us have been plagued by recurrent chest infections and I'm still struggling with Chronic Fatigue.
The Empresses hip is giving her some recurrent pain and slows her down when she'd really like to be going full pelt. The weather has curtailed our gardening exploits even when I have been feeling up to gettin down and dirty in the weed patch. Needless to say, the yard is looking quite neglected and forlorn... I'd show you a picture but I still haven't worked out how to download one from the new camera to this new computer gadget thingy... 
I call it deliberate product frustration...
I do miss the old mouse. All this tap and slide stuff does my head in...

Anyway darlings I must away... Miss Daisy has summoned her driver... I believe we are off to the chemist to replenish the drug supply...

BOttoms up Darlings...


  1. Well my lands Prinny. And here I thought you ran off with a new prince and moved to reign over a new country happily ever after. But glad to hear you are managing. Now go fill the special candy dish. xoxo

  2. Oh dear. Bad enough to be ill at any time,but in the miserable weather you've had down that way.Pooh-bah!
    Stick with the chicken broth and the Brand X from your friendly chemist.

  3. Tapping and sliding is too much for any member of the Royalty. You should "get a man in" to do that sort of thing. Chin up, dearie! Jx

  4. No worries Princess, as long as this globe keeps spinning through space, winter's days are numbered - a nice and fresh spring will arrive in no time ! And you will freshly rejuvenated stroll through the garden and make grow what is there to grow ! Until then drugs & hibernation will have to do, it will work.

  5. Hopefully spring will come soon and these winter maladies will be a thing of the past.
    Rest up, feel better. Hugs to you and the Empress!

  6. I very nearly called Interpol.

    It seems to me you could do with a good dose of vitamin S taken orally. The perfect cure all!

    You do make me cackle, I've just looked at the weather forecast for your neck of the woods it's saying sunny with the top average of 22°C that's shorts and t-shirt weather for the likes of us.

  7. xoxooxxo for you and The Empress! (just looked at your sidebar clock! hope I'm not waking you!)

  8. Glad to see you're still with us. Zombification is so last year!
    Get well soon, Princess (and The Empress) xx

    P.S. You'd better work out how to save/post photos soon as there is a Tin Foil Hat compo on the horizon, and it wouldn't be complete without one of your extravagant creations!

  9. I hope you are both feeling much better soon and are soon enjoying the sunshine. Plus, I need you to be able to download pictures so you can cheer me up with colourful blooms during the UKs cold and miserable winter :-)

  10. Best wishes to Princess and The Empress. Looking forward to more gardening and costuming adventures!

  11. Don't forget to send us a photo for the Annual (I almost typed Anal) Infomaniac Garden Photos Event (deadline not set yet.)

  12. Just peeping in. Hope the bottoms are still up.

  13. Hello all! I am still here... news update coming soon. Nothing too exciting but still news of sorts...