Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ahhhhh.... That feels better... or Prinny Prinny where have you been?

Hello Dhaaarlings...
I'm Finally home again... it has been quite some time since we last spoke hasn't it darlings  
and so much has happened... well not so much... but as much as can happen when leading such an extraordinarily exciting lifestyle... er... I mean... the quiet and secluded life of a proverbial hermit.
July continued to be cold and very wintery... 
Not much happening in the garden or elsewhere for that matter, apart from having the big old gum tree in the back yard cut down as it was starting to die back and drop limbs becoming a safety hazard.
In August we had a 2 week visit to Western Australia to catch up with family and attend a Nephews wedding.
It was lovely to catch up with family and friends and to meet new members of the family... Notably 3 great nieces... and the Empress (more commonly known as Gran Nan) delighted in spoiling them royally.
Staying with sister and her husband was enjoyable and it was great to spend time with brother in law who has had a difficult year battling bowel cancer. Diagnosed 12 months ago and following treatments of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and several surgeries he has been given the "all clear" almost 12 months to the day.
Spending time with the Nephew, his new wife and their 2 little girls was really special, on meeting Miss 4 for the first time she announced..."I know you, you're the lady and man I talk to on daddy's computer"... She and little sister 2yo made the cutest flower girls as they held hands carefully walking down the aisle carrying a basket of rose petals each. They were so busy concerntrating on walking nicely that in the process forgot to throw the petals.
The look on their faces when they realised they had forgotten to throw the petals was priceless... but then Miss 2 on realising the mistake promptly announced 'Oh No!' and tipped the basket of petals out into a pile on the floor... saying "That's better"
The day was delightful and we both felt very privelidged to be able to share the day with them.
On another day we were able to visit the zoo with the children and the next day travelled to spend the day with the family before they departed on holiday/honeymoon.
It was great to see the home where they live an be given a personalised tour and demonstration by the girls of their local playground and parkland... including a walk through the bushland to see all the "pretty flowers"..
We spent a very quiet second week relaxing and visiting a few of the local haunts, fish and chips on the beach, a picnic in the park and the odd ale and a meal at a variety of local pubs.

We did have a lovely time but it was nice to come home again.
The weather is starting to get warmer now and gardening is back on the agenda once again.
The backyard is full of piles of wood resulting from the lopping down of the tree. Some of the logs are very large and will need two or three people o help to move them. Brother has a combustion heater in his home and has 'first dibs" on the wood. Other neighbours and friends have also made enquiries. So eventually I might be able get the garden back into shape without having to climb over mountains of logs.
Health wise we are both feeling refreshed and getting back into the swing of things again.
It is a good feeling and I'm finally feeling re energised and ready to get back into life.

Still haven't worked out how to post pictures yet but now feeling well enough to tackle this new technology.
Till next we speak Darlings...
Bottoms Up!


  1. Welcome back Princess ! Glad to hear that you both are well. Be careful when you handle all that wood ...

  2. OH! Nice to see you again.And pleased you're feeling better.
    Gardens are a tatty mess up here (it's the dry spring, innit!), but things are starting to pick up.

  3. Prinny's "got wood"! Welcome back, dear... Jx

  4. Lovely to see you again, sweetpea! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  5. Very best wishes for your brother in law's continued medical success.

    Thanks for the update. Always great to hear the news from down under.

  6. Ah, another triumphant return! Welcome back, Princess!

    I'm looking forward to some Spring garden photos... No pressure :)

  7. What a wonderful and lovely way to experience life--celebrating the cherished moments with family and friends!

    Glad to hear y'all are doing great. Best wishes to y'all!

  8. Glad that you have been having a lovely time!
    Oh yes.... the Mistress wants gardening pics.... my garden is looking very neglected, so we are in the same club.

    1. Today's the deadline, Prinny. Send us a snap or two, if you have time.