Friday, October 28, 2011

The Colours of my World...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

These are some of the current colours in my world...

Golden Bearded/ Flag Iris

 Purple Bearded/Flag Iris

Red Azelia

Mauve and White Bearded/Flag Iris

Chocolate and Cream Bearded/ Flag Iris

Strangely deformed Snapdragons.
 I've grown them before but have never seen the flower heads develop like this!!!

But I'll forgive them for they add such pretty colour to an area of the yard that has been taken over by self sown flat leafed/continental parsley..

Much of the garden in this area was inundated with flood water earlier in the year and it is my suspicion that what ever chemicals and residues that washed in with the water and lay around for a couple of days has soaked in and effected many of the plants growing in that area. 
They have all struggled through winter... Even the old geraniums that usually remain hardy and almost bullet proof despite the weather conditions... have died back and gone all straggly but continue to try and produce foliage and flowers.  
Ah well... such is natures way...


  1. Beautiful!

    Be sure to take some pics of your garden at its peak as I'm planning another garden photo event in what will be YOUR winter.

  2. I can't wait to see your "double delight" in full bloom again.

  3. Princess these are lovely.

    Gorgeous pics too. Nicely done.

    MORE !!!

  4. What beautiful irises. And mutant snapdragons!

  5. I am in love with your Iris. They are gorgeous. The colours!

    Not a huge fan of snapdragons, but your mutants are fascinating. I wonder what they'll look like next year?

  6. Just spectacular!
    It is so nice to see these and to know that it is spring somewhere in the world...

    I Adore mutant flowers.

  7. Vou have mutants in yer garden? Do you feed them?