Monday, October 24, 2011

Haiku Monday....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

 Welcome to this weeks edition of 
 Haiku Monday...

"Aunty Belle " is returned from her French Connecting and being the all jet lagged Aunty that she is...
 Still throwed her hat in the ring over at "Rafaels"... to win last weeks Haiku challenge.

So Aunty gets so be a most gracious but I suspect somewhat out of sorts hostess and judge this week.

 Always one to come up with an interesting and challenging theme... Aunty has not let us down by coming up with a beauty...

The theme is...


I have a couple of variations on the theme for this week...and have really enjoyed preparing them 

So here goes...
Silver Styx

An unprepared Soul
Don’t stand a ghost of a chance:
Pay the ferryman

Unchained Melody

Love springs eternal
Whoopi? A ghost whisperer?
Cue Righteous brothers 


Something in the air

Spirits rising
All hallows eve approaches
Candy's the reward

Happy Haiku Monday


  1. Whoopie? A Ghost Whisperer?

    Bwahahahahahaha! Love it. You and Boxer thumped on the same movie.

    Your first one is my fave, though.

    Happy Haiku Monday!

  2. Hai Princess!!

    I feel so ashamed...I had no idea you had a blog. With all the drama and Maggie I never even thought to look at your profile. Please forgive me your highness *bows head in shame*

    On a different note. Wonderful poems this week my dear. I really like the first one. It's everyones fear when their time comes, and the visual is wonderful.

    Good luck this week.


  3. The Elysian Fields have never been so attractive judging from the first image...

    Happy Haiku Monday, mon cher!

    Bien le bonsoir, CoreyJo! Of course, here, we're in the future so I should say "Bien le bonjour"!

  4. Princess--

    I love your first any soul truly prepared for the next journey; I think NOT!

    Oh, but if my ferryman has an arse like the dude in the first visual; I sure hope he takes payment in inches! I'm a couple short of a foot, but I'd die to try for a full fair ride.


  5. I love your take on Ghost.

    Nice one.

  6. they are all very good - but the first Haiku is exceptional. GHost of a chance is a nice phrase here - and your "dont" turned out to be a "do" in this case. Good Luck!!

  7. I just caught the riff on "ghost whisperer"! You meant it in the same way as those "horse whisperers" didn't you?

    So clever and funny!

    And I love this particular rendition of the song. Good choice.