Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for Tea...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Ever gotten home feeling footsore from a busy day gadding about and popped on Kettle and thought Ooh... A nice  Cuppa will do the trick! Only to do a "Mother Hubbard" when you've dipped the hand into the tea caddy for a bag or scoop of leaves for the pot? 

I have Dhaaarlings and there is nothing worse! I don't know about you... 
But by this time I'm far too exhausted to backtrack to the local tea emporium for a parcel of Earl Grey or Oolong. 

I have the answer to remedy this very situation for you...

 Make your own Fresh Herb Tea.

Keep pots of fresh herbs growing in your garden or on a balcony.

I have Peppermint, Bergamot, Camomile, Mint, and Borage growing in my garden along with many other herbs.  Most of them can be taken singularly or mixed in a combination to make a lovely refreshing, stimulating or relaxing tea

I just grab a handful of the herb that I feel I'm in the mood for, throw it in a coffee plunger and steep it in boiling water for one or two minutes then pour it into my favourite cup. 

Sweetened with a little natural honey or a twist of lemon to taste!

Here's my favourite "Emergency" Herb Tea.

Grab yourself a handful of fresh peppermint, a glass coffee plunger, and some Brown sugar 

I love making fresh peppermint tea and I always add some brown sugar to the mix before pouring in the boiling water and letting it steep.

 let the brew stand/steep for 2-3 minutes

Pour it into your favourite Tea Cup then... 
Take yourself to your favourite comfy chair pop your feet up on a comfy old poof, sit back and sip away to your hearts content...

I find nothing more relaxing than a hot home made cuppa after a hard day at the orifice...

Bottoms up Dhaaarlings...


  1. I don't drink tea myself, but I think this is a cool idea! The duck butt, too!

  2. I've got a stash of teas on hand in case of emergencies: marigold, lemon balm and red bush. As well as Earl Grey and Breakfast teas.

    Not that I drink a lot of tea. I need coffee to function in the world.

  3. I'm having a fresh mint tea as I am reading this!

  4. pop your feet up on a comfy old poof

    Why, that’s so kind of you, Princess.

    I hope my heels aren’t digging into your back.

  5. I just dig up what ever is mouldering in the back of the vegetable drawer in the bottom of the refrigerator, steep in gently boiling water and then throw it all away.

  6. And what is borage anyway? I'm too lazy to go over to Wikipedia and find out.

  7. Dear Mr Von LX

    give it a try... your might just be surprised! The tea I mean ... not the Duck Butt!

    Dear Roses

    You Temptress You!... How did you know that I'm partial to the occasional "Red Bush"... Oh... you meant the tea...

    Dear Wally

    Then I guess you won't be needing my "Old Mother Hubbard's Discount Conversion Offer"

    My Dear Mistress MJ

    Thank you. But could you move them a little to the left I have an awful itch... Did you come via the Poison Ivy patch? Did you?

    My Dear MR peenee
    remind me not to order 'soup de jour' should I ever be invited for a meal.
    And to save your tired travelling fingers I've wiki'ed Borage Here for your enjoyment...

  8. I only enjoy "builder's" tea, strong, one sugar, splash of milk and served in a mug, PG Tips pryamid bags only.

  9. I do sometimes have this happen, except it's I'm out of gin!!!! And I don't think I can make that at home!!!!