Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coming Soon to a Store Near You....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

I've spent much of the weekend  making marvellous lists!

Matching kids and their measurements to the costumes they need to have made!

Thank goodness for Spreadsheet programs!

With 9 separate costume groups to match up with individual kids it has been a long and laborious task, ranging in numbers from 6 (Flying Monkeys) to 30 (Poppies) but I am pleased to tell you that the listings are now sorted!

With something like 150 individual costumes to make Princess is going to be a busy boy... and as if that isn't enough... My customer that is having a Witches costume made for her 70th Birthday came around for her first fitting today!

I think that she was pretty impressed and... I might add with just a few minor tweakings to the original pattern I will be able to start putting together the gown in the real fabric tomorrow. (today's trial was made up in calico)

The fabric I'll be using is a heavy Back Satin with Mauve Panels of fabric set into the Floor length skirt. It has sleeves to the elbow with long fall away flowing cuffs of black net embossed with spiders and spider web pattern in a metallic-sheen purple.

I'll use the same net fabric as a panel set into the front bodice.

Today She also asked me if I would mind printing up some thank you's to match the invitation cards that I made for her some weeks ago.
I suggested printing them up with a Photo of her in her costume...

She jumped at this idea!

As  a result I have another paying job!

As an aside I met with the Head costumiere last week to discuss various aspects of costume requirements, fabrics, colours styles etc..
Compared to discussions we have had in the past things were quite congenial really which took me aback a little....
We were greeted like an old friend and lots of pleasant banter ensued including a tour of the store room to look at some of the costumes procured from local op shops and then suddenly in the course of conversation...

The bombshell was dropped!

You see... The kid they have cast in the role of the Wicked Witch... it turns out... 
 Is too large to fit into the commercially made costume that they have bought for the role!

And... as the Head Costumiere is responsible for the Main Characters
she is in quite a panic at thought of having to make a whole new costume that will fit the kid!

 For once didn't say.... "I'll do it if you like?"
which I think was the response being fished for... but which did not eventuate... as I managed to do everything n my power to hold my tongue and just sit and listen... She went on about how busy she is and doesn't know how she will find the time with everything else she is busy doing in her life.... Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.....

Oh... and did I tell you that while I sat quietly listening to this sad tale of woe...
I failed to mention that I was in the middle of making a very similar costume in a very similar shape and size to the one required?...


Well I have now Darlings....

I suddenly realised why up to this point the visit had been so pleasant!
(My "spidey senses" had been tingling for a little while)

If I had been asked directly to help out in some way I would have mentioned that I coincidently happened to be making a similar costume and offered to lend her the pattern once I've finished with it... But I wasn't asked directly... but met with a rather feeble attempt to cajole me into doing her job for her!

I'll still make the offer once my customers dress is finished but... for the moment I'll just play things by ear... and see how things progress...
It will be most interesting to see how this little episode pans out...

A little time spent stewing in ones own juices never hurt anyone...

I must admit that I did come away from the meeting with just a hint of a smile on my face....

Is that Wrong Darlings???


  1. Is it too late to cast the Head Costumiere as the Wicked Witch?

  2. What Ix said.
    She should'a come right out and asked.
    I hate that beating around the bush bull shiz.

  3. Nothing wrong with not responding to a question that isn't asked. If she wants help, let her ask for it. Hinting around is so cowardly.

  4. Hello Princess:
    From your description, your 'Wicked Witch' will be the best dressed in the coven!! We are certain that the Head Costumiere will simply be green with envy when she sees it.......and see it she must, and then BEG for you to make another!!!!

  5. How fantastic that more paid opportunities are coming your way. You're on a roll. And of course she'd be over the moon with it, your work is amazing.

    Big, BIG pats on the back for you for not offering to help The Head Costumier out of a bind.

    Given that she buys the costumes for the lead roles and you're making 150 from scratch...what exactly is she so busy with?