Monday, October 10, 2011

Haiku Monday....

Hello Dhaaarlings,

After all the fogginess of last week 
Was our eventual winner and so is Hosting and Judging for this week.

I've been threatened with being turned from a rooster into a hen following all the fun in the wood heap so....

Here are my entries for this weeks theme


Certainly not the easiest of themes!!!

Get on over to Chickory's and check out all the other players entries...

1. Velvet Moth

Scaled Kaleidoscope
Icarian wings take flight
Flame be your downfall

2. Velvet Deer

Furry Majesty
Scratch until you make them bleed
Oh Deer! Bad horn day!

3. Velvet Sage

Stands of purple: Proud
Softly stirs your airy plumage
Wise old Mexican

Happy Happy Haiku Monday...


  1. I'm so impressed! Every week I like your haiku more and more. The second one is a real hoot! ;)

    Happy Haiku Monday!

  2. I vote for Velvet Sage.

    It's fantastic.

    And Deep Blue is right, your haiku are just getting better and better.

  3. Dear Jon and Roses

    Thank you both for your encouragement.
    This weeks theme was a difficult one... I found myself doing a lot of head scratching. Immediately after I finished the post. I realised that I'd spent most of the day before sewing together bits of velvet to make a jacket for the "Mad Hatter's" costume! How dumb am I???

    Pieces of Velvet
    The Hatter needs his Greatcoat
    So... Sew Princess sew...

  4. Haha! This one's a winner!

    And I don't know why, but I woke up this morning thinking that even gay porn stars must have "bad horn days"......

    It's late now... go to bed! ;)


  5. Nice. I thought "Sage" was the best of the three.