Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mad About the Hatter...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Are you feeling a little neglected darlings?
I've been frightfully aware that I haven't been paying as much attention to you all as I would like but you see the deadline is rapidly approaching for the costumes that you know I've been beavering away at over the past months for a local school production of 

 Alice in Wonderland.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings discussions, fittings
 fabric sourcing, and fleshing out final designs...

Frankly Darlings...I feel like a one legged man in an arse kicking competition!

All the costumes for the main characters (25 in all) need to be completed within the next four weeks so that the publicity department can take some photos and prepare the programme.

In the meantime... Princess when not rushing hither and thither has been chained to the old Phaff and Overlocker

The hours and hours of slaving over hot fabrics pretty patterns and broken bloody needles is finally starting to pay off!

Princesses Phaff: a bargain at $50.00!

There are only 6 weeks until opening night so I'm finding that my work is quite cut out for me... despite the fact that yesterday my overlocker decided that the task was just too great and called it Quits! 
So it has taken a rather... selfish under the circumstances... well earned break with the local repairman!  

Personally I wouldn't mind a well earned break with the local repairman myself, (he is quite a dish)....well any repairman really... No... really Darling... 
It has been quite a while....

But I digress.

The fact of the matter is...
 "The Mad Hatter's" coat is almost completed.
It just needs the lining tweaked, some buttons and baubles and it will be good to go!

I have more peacock feathers to add to the cuffs. And and "Ammo Sash" of coloured cotton reels to make and I'll be done.

I've a meeting with the lady making the "Hatters Hat" on Friday so as to coordinate fabrics and colours and work on the finer details of the outfit.

I've had an absolute ball creating the coat and it has at times really tested both my creativity and my patience and, although it has been wonderful fun... it has been very time consuming to make. 

The fabric had to be created by me, (no darling you can't buy ready patchworked  multicoloured velvet off the shelf.... who would have thunk?), by cutting and sewing together each piece of velvet to make one large piece, big enough for the pattern pieces to be cut out, after drafting off the pattern from the master, then constructing the garment at the Phaff...

The velvet was supplied from scraps donated by parents and leftover from past productions, so there is a mix of weights and even some stretch fabric which made the task even more of a challenge... 

I tried to incorporate some of the colours from the peacock feathers into the design from the colours supplied in the donated fabrics.
I think I did a pretty good job!

So while the overlocker recovers... I'm in the process of "French Seaming"
x5 Fifties style Hooped Petticoats, and tomorrow will be cutting out reams and reams of tulle to gather before attaching it to the skirt of the petticoats. They are to be to be worn under the Lead Flower gowns along with making five belts in matching colours that will hold the large wired crystal organza leaves at the waist...

I have the bodices for the gowns cut out but alas... I can progress no further until my slutty overlocker has finished with the repairman.
(All I can say is that it had better be ready for some serious work when it returns on Friday!) 

The full circle skirts are sewn together and hung so that they can drop before final fittings and hemming.... but more on their progress in another post Dhaaarlings.... 

I know... You just cant wait for the next enthralling and exquisitely exciting instalment... I know I can't...

Till next time Dhaaarlings...

Bottoms Up!


  1. "French Seaming" sounds like a topic that would pop up over at Infomaniac!

    PS: The coat looks wonderful!

  2. I have no idea who Overlooker is: A kind of capo? The Pfaff seems to be sturdy little machine, glad to see that it is electric. (It's a professional one, isn't it?)

    This gown looks nice! Rest a bit, dear Princess, it will be stressy enough.

  3. Frankly Darlings...I feel like a one legged man in an arse kicking competition!

    You need an arse-kicking machine!

    *returns to French Seaming" activities*

  4. Paying close attention to detail for a school production, I thought it was for a proper theatre. Darling, I hope they appreciate you.

  5. Dear Mr Von Lax
    ""French Seaming" sounds like a topic that would pop up over at Infomaniac!"

    No doubt we will be asked to forward a photo of our interpretation on the theme...

    Dear Mr Maggs

    An Overlocker cuts the fabric and then sews a hem to encase the edge of the fabric to stop it from fraying.

    The Phaff has been a godsend! It is electric and an industrial machine which means it can manage heavier fabrics ie. when quilting through several thick layers and stitches much faster than the domestic machines...

    Thank you MJ,
    I needed that!
    oh... and I see you are practising already...

    Dear Mitzi

    I'm trained in Bespoke and Couture work... and it's hard to break the habit. I think they do appreciate just how much effort is being put into the costumes. They plan to do a 6 production rotation and re use the costumes for each so they have to stand up to wear as they are tear as they are finding that the stuff that they have that is made to a lesser standard is slowly falling apart....

    I've been told that I should be working on professional productions, but this is start and for one that hasn't worked for quite some time it is getting me back into the swing of things....

  6. Beautiful, meticulous work Princess - you are amazing.