Thursday, March 15, 2012

And What Have You Been Making This Week Princess???....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

On top of making preliminary costumes for the theatre group...

 Princess has been busy filling an order for Party Invitations! 

That's right darlings... one of the Empresses friends is turning 70!

The friend has commissioned Princess to not only make the invitations for her party... but as it is a "Witches and Warlocks" themed Costume Party...

 Has decided that she would like to have Witch Costume commissioned for  herself...

So after much "ummimng" and "ahhing" over designs we settled on the above and below... for the invitations...
A Witch on broomstick silhouette printed on glossy photographic paper and mounted on black card and matching black envelopes...
with the invitation printed on white linen finish paper inserted and fixed to the inside  of the black card.

And as the friend concerned has just survived a battle with breast cancer... a costume themed party was just the ticket for someone that has never had one before in her life... And has such a marvellous reason to go all out in celebration!

The costume is in the planning stage...Picture Black and Mauve Satin with Spider Web Netting over long floaty sleeves...
As always I'll post a picture or two of the finished product on completion darlings.

Oh... and the fabric you see in the left background in the top picture is another project on which I am working...

It is to become a blouse to be worn to a wedding for a grandchild  of another friend of the Empress... It's due to be completed by the end of next week!

So... For me... I'll be chained to the Phaff.... seemingly for the rest of the year at this rate!

But I can't complain... Both the party invitations/ Witch costume and the wedding blouse are paying customers!

Things seem to be taking off all of a sudden around here!

I think need a little celebratory drink!

You know you are always welcome to join me...

Bottoms Up Darlings....


  1. Hello Princess:
    Gosh, we can only imagine what this midnight blue cocktail might do for us, still live dangerously is what we say!!

    The Empress's friend sounds great fun and is certainly a game bird to have a Witches and Warlocks Party on Friday 13th. That sounds like a wild combination to us.

    But, how wonderful that you are getting all these commissions for your work. We just hope that the Phaff can stand up to all the wear and tear!!!

  2. Wonderful! News is getting out about the great stuff you do.

    You really are a busy Princess.

    Please don't forget us!

  3. I love your creativity in everything you do. You live your art and that's so inspiring. LOVE the picture of the drink nad those invites are super clever and really well done.

  4. Can you do the party invitations for Mr. DeVice's 70th?

  5. How about one of thesse as an apéritif? Scroll down for the recipe and video. Chin chin!

  6. Excuse the double 's' in I'm not wearing my readers.