Monday, March 5, 2012

Sun Frock Finale...

Hello Dhaaarlings....

I don't recall whether I mentioned that I've been making a sun frock for my Niece?

Well I have told you now!....

My Niece has just started a part time weekend job in a cafe... and is earning her own money! 

And as a result asked me 

" If I pay for the fabric Uncle Princess... Can you make me a sun dress?

How could I refuse?
We went along to the fabric store and after what seemed like hours of looking through catalogues checking out styles and patterns that she liked, walking up and down the racks of fabric... Comparing weights and textures, print designs and colours we finally settled on a pretty white based pure cotton "Tulip" print in blues and purples.... 

 You will be pleased to learn that it is now completed and residing with it's delighted owner...

Niece is tickled pink!

And now that it is done... I can start on some creations for 

Wizard of Oz!

I just have to remind myself that the making of costumes for the show is a Marathon and not a Sprint...

Remember....Pace yourself Princess...

We are off for "Round 2" at the Hospital in the big smoke tomorrow morning   for the Empress to have her MRI....

I'm hoping that things will be more straight forward this time around! 


  1. You are a Super Uncle! The sash thingy is a nice touch. Well done.

    PS: Is that Princess toes in the pix?

  2. Oh wow. Good choice of fabric. I love the tulips.

    And I will be thinking of you and the Empress tomorrow.

  3. It's Monday morning here, which means it's not where you are.

    So I thought I'd pop by and see how things went today (you're still in Monday, aren't you?)


  4. Hi Roses,
    We just got back from the hospital it is almost 9pm Monday night here. The Empress had her scan without incident and minus the rudeness experienced on our last visit! it has been a very long day travelling though and we are both pretty knackered from the experience... Appointment made to see the specialist again in two weeks time. He only has a clinic on Mondays and the next Monday is a public holiday so it will be the week after that.

    1. I don't know what is going on with the time stamp in these postings but it is now 9.45 pm on the fifth of march.

    2. We have to wait two weeks? TWO WEEKS? Bloody hell.

      According to the clock on your sidebar, it's now 7 am Tuesday.

      I will be lighting candles and hoping for the best for The Empress. Do tell her she has fans all over the world (if she knows you blog).

  5. If you look at it whilst squinting it looks almost like leopard print.

  6. MAybe with the code-change of blogger the clocks were changed too. Having to wait two weeks until the specialist has a look at the photographs is rude. Best wishes for this!
    I am sorry, but I can not say something about the frock, except "Hello frock, you look nice", I am sure you done it all well and right and nice, dear Princess.

  7. The timestamp says 01:44 PM, clock says 08:46 AM.

    1. Yes MR Maggs, there is some sort of glitch with googles time space continuum. The time clock in the side bar is the correct time here. the problem seems to have arisen since I switched to the new comment format.
      I shall keep fiddling to see if I can rectify the problem.