Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poppy Preliminaries....*UPDATED PICS*....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The pandemonium has begun!

With auditions being in two weeks time for casting of "The Wizard of OZ" an introduction night was held to meet the budding hopefuls and their parents.

Princess had to participate in a presentation from the costume department, explaining things to expect when participating in a stage production.

How the "Department", takes great care in replicating the costumes from the original movie/ musical, fitting of costumes to suit the individual body shape of the kid, The fact that all the costumes will be individually named and therefore responsibility of the individual to ensure that they keep all their costume pieces together etc etc was explained... By my "friend" the head costumiere...
Funnily enough... I didn't have any input into her power point presentation and quite frankly didn't want to read crap off a screen that I hadn't written myself. 

So I took the leap and went for the "Adlibbed" approach.
I talked about how we go about taking body measurements from each kid so that we can make a costume that will a) Suit them and b) fit them! so that we can make a costume without having to try it on them again and again.

 Princess then presented....

"How to use a coat hanger! Or... Turning your "Floordrobe... Into a Wardrobe!"
By throwing a shirt onto the floor... closely followed by a coat hanger... Then asking for some audience participation as to how it should be done!

Much to the delight of the parents present

The Team thought it would be nice to have some of the planned costumes on display in the foyer of the venue so that patents could see the proposed standard of the costumes that their kids would be wearing...
This was a great hit!

Sadly... Not all the costumes for the production are being made... Many of the leads have been commercially bought or sourced from Opportunity/ Thrift shops. However... over the coming months as you will see... the bulk of the supporting roles and chorus costumes will be...

Princess Creations!

Starting with some Poppies.

Girl Poppies.... (1 down 19 to go)


Boy Poppies... (1 down and 5 to go)

Girl Poppy Sleeve Detail...

I wanted the sleeves to resemble leaves but also wanted to shape them in a similar form to how I'm planning to shape the Flying Monkey Wings.

The Poppies... like the Flying Monkey's are after all minions of the Wicked Witch of the West are they not? so I figured on creating a subtle link through the shape of the leaves and the wings...

Of course... These pictures are of "Costumes in the making"... without the
 Top hats, White gloves and Spats for the boys and
 large Poppy Flower Hats teamed with Red elbow length gloves for the girls.

 I will post the finished articles once they get to their completion!
Which... should be soon as they are both currently still on display in the foyer of the venue...

In the mean time if you are looking for me....
Princess will be under the mountain of red tulle satin and sequins that you can see over there in the corner!


  1. Love those. And I cannot wait to see a Flying Monkey!

    1. Bob
      I can't wait to source the fabric for the flying monkeys... I'm just itching to get started on one!

  2. Brilliant touch with the leaf/wing!

    Also anxiously awaiting the Flying Monkeys!

    1. Hopefully the wait won't be too much longer Mr Lax, but I think it best to wait until I have some measurements for the kids that will be wearing them. There are only 6 to make after all!

  3. I just love the posts about your costume work. You're so incredibly talented. I bet the kids really love what you do.

    Those poor leads...they get the crap. I bet all the other kids absolutely love their costumes and how special it makes them feel. Stupid head woman.

    1. Thanks Roses
      I get a lot of enjoyment out of posting them too. Funnily enough... Most of the feedback from the kids is that they want to be in the support cast! Just from the 2 examples presented already!

  4. I believe you have found your calling.

    Or it found you.

    In any case, it's HAPPENING.

    1. MJ
      You are right I do seem to have a little flair for this king of work! And it really is happening around here! It's feeling like I'll need another 3 of me to get all the work done! Not really I'm loving every minute of it!.... Is it that obvious?

  5. Looking for Princess? Just follow the rattle of the Pfaff ... I think the idea with the coathanger is pretty good and true-to-life. Good luck, dear Princess, hope your head costumiere friend keeps it quiet and relaxed, but I'm not too sure about this.

    1. *pops head up from beneath rattling pile of tulle*
      Hello Mr Maggs
      Yes I'm thinking about taking the "How to use a coathanger" on tour!
      As for the head costumiere... It is becoming like "water off a ducks back", I'm finding the one sided struggle for dominance quite amusing and entertaining really!

  6. I am in awe! This is simply beautiful. And I'Ll say it again, we should not waste one iota of energy on stupid people.

    Now if only I could put this advice in practice myself...

    Have fun dear Princess (but I think you already have)

    1. Huggy Jon,
      In the wise words of my grandmother "Don't sweat over the little people Darling"... I'm finding the responses from her to be quite amusing.

  7. OHMYGAWD!!! lucky kids, sugar! like everyone else, i can't wait to see the flying monkeys!!! you are such a delight to know, honey! xoxoxoxox

    1. Savvy Darling,
      Like Bob and Mr Lax you will all just have to cross your legs and remain patient! All will eventually be revealed!.... What is this fetish that everyone seems to have about Flying Monkeys? Have I missed something? Perhaps it has something to do with Simian Sex Appeal. I shall send a missive to "MR Bananas" and ask his opinion! ;7)