Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Heee-yar...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Remember when Mistress MJ ran this?...

I hope you noted the Date!

There is just Tardiness... And then there is downright Snail Mail...

But finally.... After a Whole Year and 1 month of desparate waiting....

 I'm beside myself with pleasure to announce that my prize has finally arrived!

Yes... It's a "Blow Job" Bank

Now I finally have the tin for all my savings...

I've saved quite a lot so far...

But it seems to be taking longer than I thought it would....

Until just recently... I'd been wondering why the punters were all asking me for their money back... 

I shared my concern with a dear friend last week. And after giving him a demonstration of my technique he informed me... And I quote...

"Oh for fucks sake Princess! Stop all that huffing and puffing and just put my damn cock in your mouth"...."No wonder they all want their money back"

"But that's more like a Suck job"... I said...

"OH... So the penny has finally dropped!"

Unlike your balls... I thought with my mouth quite full...

 "Why are so many men reluctant to express their true needs?
"Why ask for a blow job when you really want your dick sucked? "

Men! I just don't get them... often enough


  1. Thank you very much for pointing out the date, Prinny.

    What's the going rate over there, by the way?

    1. You are welcome.

      As for the going rate? I'm still not quite sure... but since my friend pointed out the problems with my technique... the Cumming rate seems to have improved considerably... I'll have that bank full in no time!

  2. An easy mistake to make.
    *blushes in a knowing way*

    1. Thank you Miss Scarlet... It is hartening to know that I'm not alone...

  3. I couldn't possibly comment. Because of course, I am a virgin. I wouldn't even know what a cock looked like.

    Or that maybe you should also think about using ice cubes to liven things up a bit, once you've got the whole sucking thing sorted.

    1. I think the Ice cubes would be most helpfull applied to my aching knees...

  4. Chevy Chase: [talking into the phone] Noooo.. you're not supposed to blow on it - that's just an expression. [looks up at the camera] I have to go. [hangs up the phone]

    Saturday Night Live
    Season 2: Episode 5

    1. I knew i should have been watching SNL more often Mr Lax, it seems to be a very educational program....

  5. If I'm not supposed to blow out the candles of my birthday cake, what should I do then?

  6. Huggy Jon... I see your dilemmma... Perhaps you could train as a fire eater... or just do what i do... Call the fire brigade....

  7. *groaning*

    but not in that way, if you know what i mean, sugar! ;)


  8. Well, there's always the burger & fries..!

  9. well good God!!!!!! I guess better late than never! And with all that change, you should see what I could do for you!