Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sumfing Wikked This Way Cums.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I'd like to start with a short musical interlude if I may...

Yes... Your ears were not decieving you... You heard Quite rightly... Sumfing wikked this way indeed cums....

The FGES are cumming Downunder!

That Winsome Witch of the North Inexplicable Device has graciously bestowed upon me the title of  "Winner" of the

"World Famous".... "Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition!"

Which means that the Toxic Elfin Rump Coverers will soon be wending their way to "Oz"...

That's short for  "Australia" darlings... (pronounced Oz-stray-lee-ya)

I Knooow.... I too am beside myself with excitement... Did I mention that I'm still touching myself?...

It will be only the second time that the shorts have ventured south of the equator...

The first time being to a quaint little Island Nation nearby called

"New Zealand"

(pronounced Nee-ew Zeland) or colloquially known as...

"Those sheep shagging barstards across the Ditch"

Hey! don't get all upset... It works both ways... Ik-sept thet win the Nee-ew Zelanders say it about us Oz-stray-lee-yuns... ditch (refering to the body of water that lies between us) is pronounced "Dutch".... 

Besides.... 2million of their 3 million population mostly time share on the Australian Mainland anyway...

And like the Nee-ew Zelanders.... I have been informed that the shorts have noxiously mutated into an invasive species that will require extreme caution and containment whilst here upon our wide brown land girt by sea.... lest they escape and start breeding like cane toads... bunny rabbits... foxes and camels...

I told you them was wikkid.

I'd like to thank Mr device for bestowing this great honour upon my person... And only hope that i can do justice to the continuance of this Gawd Awful competition when the fettid garment full of plage and other extravigant diseases arrives...

That reminds me... I must call border security and alert them of their immenent arrival


  1. You're welcome!

    And thank you for spelling the Oz (and Nee-ew Zeland) accents. I read almost the entire post in Aussie!

    1. I'd like a copy of this translated into Canadian, eh?

      Congratulations, Prinny!

    2. Mr DeVice... "Ya welcum... Mate"

      MJ darling.... What are you on aboot?

  2. Replies
    1. Is poor little Gollum still looking for his ring? Or are you pining for the FGES Mr Lax?

  3. If they've been to New Zealand then do check the gusset for any stray dingleberries before wearing them.

  4. Don't worry Mitzi... I suspect they will need a good crutching and drenching before putting them anywhere near my person...

  5. lovely read, sugar, but i swear, i am sooooooooo not going to enter the contest! i surely don't need homeland security checkin' on me!! ;~) xoxoxoxo

  6. There's a fly on those shorts! I didn't notice previously. Fancy.

    Congrats Princess!

  7. Who said dreams don't come true? not kabuki, who only has one thing to say "YEAH!"

  8. Be careful, these shorts could become the cause of WWIII...

  9. Congrats! And loving what you've done with the place too! I cannot WAIT to see your star turn with the spazzy viridian fey baggies!

  10. Hey darling

    Mucho congratulations to you!


  11. Hey Princess - I hope you and the Empress are alright and all.