Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"

Two For One Deal...

The theme for this weeks MCW is...

Worst Casting...

Goodness... Where to begin...
 I surfed, googled, probed the recesses of memory and movie reviews 
 and had such difficulty in making a decision.
An almost impossible task...

But, I think that I have found a winner...

Two for the price of One...

The movie is Scorceses' "Gangs of New York"

Cameron Diaz as a street hoare and pick pocket...Believable not!


 Leonardo di Caprio as....
Well... a cute little boy... still struggling with angst ridden childhood memories.

Good grief! Give me a break!

(Leo's best scene ever was him sinking beneath the ice of the north atlantic after he hit that iceberg...)

Both badly cast as the love intrests...and both way too, way too pretty to  provide the roles with some semblance of reality and autenticity.

1860's New York and the five corners gangs looked like a pretty shithouse rough and tough place and
 neither of these two would have lasted a sowflakes chance in hells gate...

Go on... you know you want to...

Oh and if you hear vomiting from the back stalls ......

Its just me!

"Usher... Another bucket please"...


  1. g'day Princess darling! Naturally being in Oz you beat everyone to the punch!

    You might be right about Cameron and Leonardo but how about Daniel Day Lewis in that top hat and kick ass 'stache?! THAT was well cast for sure!

    I say one of the worst casts was Wynona Ryder and Keanau Reeves in that Dracula movie where they both struggle with accents.

  2. Hey La Diva,

    Welcome to the Palais...

    Yes.. Keanau and Wynona.. I'm getting another bucket as we speak...

    Keanau is well known for his acting style.... wooden... in every role bless him...

    Mr Day Lewis can park his shoes at the Palais any time he likes!

    There were quite a few choices in this one, bill shattner playing twin indian brothers came to mind... and i'm keen to see what the others have come up with.

    Do call again won't you...

  3. Oh boy, so there was a reason for me not watching that one. Somehow it flew over my radar.

    I happen to think Cameron Diaz in any/every movie is bad casting.

  4. Cameron will always be the girl with cum in her hair. It doesn't matter what she is in, I will always see that.

    HAHAHA...the iceberg.

  5. Dear Princess,

    heck, yer right. Mr. deCaprio is best drowned and the ladies - sorry, I can not say something about them.

    Is it already Wednesday? Bad thing is I do not know too much films and such.

    And by the way - yer great.

  6. Dear Pete
    Apart from these two being in it it wasn't too bad a movie and the rest of the cast were very good, they could at least act in a believable way...

    Dear Hayward,

    So lovely to see you and welcome to my humble abode....I too always get that vision of Mary! Even when she attemted that awful immitation of Farrah...Twice! That was all I could see....

    Take a look around and do make yourself feel at home .... Guests are always welcome at "The Palais".

    Dear Mago

    Always the gentleman...
    I seem to get a head start on these things living in the future as i do...

    I leave a little note at Boxers last post as a courtesy...

    I don't claim to be an expert on the world of film but do find this approach a nice challenge.

    And thankyou...

    Mago the films that you find for MCW are always little gems...
    well thought through with links to other options that you have considered. I love that.

  7. Dear Princess,

    Can you come back over and announce your fabulous post on my MCW? Thanks!

    Next, bwahahahhahah, I sooooo agree with you. CAMERON DIAZ? I'm sorry, it's all wrong and so was Leonardo. I think I'm one of the only remaining people on the planet who have never seen Titanic.

    You're a great addition. Thanks for participating.

  8. Leonardo = puke!

    Ugh. Can't bear him, though I will put up with, if I must, Cameron.

    Nice one luv.

  9. Usher! Bucket for Roses please,
    There is room up the back here...

  10. My favorite scene in Titanic: when he finally drown!

  11. Good selection. I remember making the decision NOT to see this BECAUSE Leo was in it. I'd read books about that era and you're right. Leo wouldn't have survived a day.

  12. Oh Hai Xl.

    It is the best scene in the whole damn awful movie... I actually stood up cheering and clapping in the theatre amidst all the weeping girlies...

    Hello and Welcome CT to "The Palais"
    Make yourself at home now won't you?

    I only managed to sit through this
    movie due to the strong performances of the other cast members...

  13. I actually liked this movie because of the Daniel Day Lewis character, the sets and the interesting storyline. I like looking at Cameron Diaz but she wasn't convincing at all as an Irish "turtle dove". DiCaprio was far worse.

    Happy MCW!

  14. oh dear lord. I forgot all about this atrocity. I feel like I shoud go gargle with salt water now. Thanks for that.

    Happy MCW!

  15. Um, I don't think I've seen this movie entirely. As soon as the guy who plays Leonardo's dad ends his screen time, I stop watching.

    I'd have to say the worst casting for me was having Michael Keaton play Batman. I was like, him? WTF?