Friday, May 7, 2010

There Aint Nothing Like a Dame....

Have you met my Bedside companion?

An absolute treasure trove of Beauty Tips...


And Good Manners...

And always 'supported' by "Madge" her Long suffering Bridesmaid...  


  1. Dame Edna is fantastic, I love her!

  2. I'm afraid all that fish would've been cooked and eaten as soon as they came near my face...mmmm....

    Dame Edna certainly makes quite a statement with her bold colors and fierce fabric choices!

  3. I love Dame Edna but she's no Cocks in Frocks Congeniality winner like our Princess. Maybe if she keeps working at it that will change.

  4. I really do adore Dame Edna and would LOVE to see him perform.

  5. Dear All,

    Growing up in Melbourne, Dame Edna was a household name. Back then she was Edna housewife superstar...
    Living quietly in the suburb of Mooney Ponds Then she got famous and became Dame, Super Star, and MegaStar... the rest is history.

    I've been trying to track down some of her early black and white TV work, but it is rare to find, but a fantastic way to look back at how her character developed
    From very dowdy housewife, hornrim glasses and straight brown wig, long fur coat and pillbox hat with veil and white gloves.

    Through the costumes and changes in her presentation through the years and evolving development to the Megastar she is today..

    I have loved her for years... and still do...
    She is like that whacky old aunt
    that the family tries to avoid but manages to turn up to all the events and create havoc...

  6. Ohh, Dame Edna, never knew that she was portraited by Arcimboldo. I always wondered about that poor creature who has to accompany the Dame, Madge? Does Madge have a history?
    I think in EUrope outside the UK the Dame was always a bit under-rated. There is a difference in humour.

  7. Touch me, babe ... Good Morning Dear Princess!
    Sorry dear, I have to go to bed now.

  8. Dear MJ

    Yes.. from very humble beginnings Edna has made 'GigaStar' status...

    Dear Mago

    I have seen Edna interviewed about her foray into the 'Continental Humour' and finding that the audience reaction was very different and a lot of things were "lost in translation'
    Her style of humour can be very confronting... and a lot of it is under pinned by unspoken inference, subtle innuendo and word play...

    Thankyou for your beautiful morning serenade, it was lovely to wake up to... I do like that song and the shirtless man singing it... It has made my day...

    Goodnight Sweet Prince...

    ps.. i'm working on a post about Edna and the history of some of the characters that she mentions in her shows, Bridesmaid 'Madge', Husband 'Norm', Daughter 'Valmai', Son 'Kenny' for those that are not
    so familiar with her history...

  9. Dame Edna can't put a foot wrong! She's a wonder. A marvel! Worthy a million times over of her Megastar status.

    P.S. You have been busy, Princess, churning out all these posts in such a short space of time - Do you want the rest of us to look complacent?!