Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now Showing at the Palais....

This weeks theme for Wednesday May 26th is...

Best Documentary

Another thought provoking theme...
And not being all that able to recall titles of documentaries...
Even though I have propably watched thousands of them over the years...

I found this weeks theme to be almost an insurmountable task...
Nigh on the impossible... (thanks for the challenge Boxer)

Again I tried surfing to no avail and eventually went through my DVD collection and found the one and only
documentary that exists on my shelves...

'The Buena Vista Social Club'

A wonderful history of the members of the Cuban Musical Group of the same name and Ry Cooders, personal journey to locate the living members
 of the original lineup to perform once again together.

A terrific tribute to growing old gracefully and doing what one loves most 
right up and into the twilight years of our lives.

"They are hot-shot Players, the greatest musicians on the planet today.
There is no ego, no jockeying for position.
They've evolved this perfect ensemble concept and the music speaks
in a natural voice.
This was the greatest musical experience in my life, the peak,
something I had trained all my life to do"..

Ry Cooder 

It is a marvelous tribute to the talents of these fantastic musicians and their journey of reunion and perfomance on stage at
Carnegie Hall

I have to admit that this album is also on my playlist...
Just love the music...


  1. Excellent pick. I've not seen the video, but have the CD. Wonderful Cuban music.

  2. This is a good excuse for me to shake my salt and pepper pots!

  3. Dear Xl
    Glad you like it. it is worth trying to find a copy of the movie if you can...

    Dear Scarlet
    Shake up a storm darling...

  4. Very fine music, these old chaps realy have it - they have to proof nothing to no one.
    I have not yet deceided what I will put up, but I fear it will not be joyful.

  5. Good morning Princess,

    That was a good clip and the tune, so smooth and soulful.

    Happy clip day!

    By the way, that bugger commercial was a hoot.

  6. Love this and also love the music. I'm sorry I gave you such a challenge, but you clearly managed to work through this "chore". I'm adding this to my growing list.

    (I really love that tiara, btw.)

    Happy MCW. Thanks for playing.

  7. I've not seen this documentary but the music is very nice.

    Happy MCW!

  8. What a fantastic pic, Princess. I've heard of this documentary before, but just haven't gotten around to watching it. The music clip is incredible! Fabulous sound that Cuban music!

  9. When I was in Cuba it seemed the soundtrack on the streets was Saturday Night Fever.

    And this was recently.

  10. Its a good kick in the face of death.
    Thank you.

    Yes, i am very blue tonite.

  11. Dear Mago,
    You are very right Mago, they are at the time of life where they no longer need to prove themselves to anyone and can just enjoy life on their own terms...

    Dear Karl,
    I am glad that you enjoyed the "Bugger clip"...
    This music just takes me to another place...

    Dear Boxer,
    Don't appologise on the "Challenge" front and MCW
    is not a chore... I love it...

    Dear Buzz Kill,
    The Doco is worth a look if you can find it and the music seems to speak right to the soul...

    Dear Eros,
    Try and make some time to sit bavk and enjoy the movie, the background sories of the players is very interesting and the music is wonderful .. what more can I say? i'm a convert to the music..

    Dear MJ,
    So.. were body shirts, flares, platforms and chunky gold necklaces everywhere in keeping with the music?..

    Dear Mago,
    Cheer up my friend... This too shall pass...