Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Question Meme

These initial ten questions were forwarded to me as a meme tag by the lovely Ms Roses via I think the originator Dear Mago who posted them in response to the lovely Miss Scarlet’s request.

1) Do you believe in ghosts?

Isn’t that a spooky question? I was just discussing it with my dear friend 'Casper' whom assured me that there are ghosts and that he just happened to be a friendly one.
I told him that he was talking 'crapola...
 “Bullshit Casper” I said, until I was rudely interrupted by the rattling of chains and things going bump in the night and objects strangely moving of their own accord.

"Well that should change your opinion" laughed Casper...
It certainly gave me food for thought..

I do believe that the energy of a person remains as a presence for some time in or around the place that meant the most to them in life or their energy attaches itself to the energy around a loved one until they move on the next part of their spirit journey.

I have often felt a presence when entering new buildings or houses. I have never been frightened as such but get more of a sense of the type of person that they were in life. Sometimes I am able to sense things about the person or “Ghost” if you like that can be confirmed by people that knew them in life, at other times I get given a picture or image of an item that I see in my minds eye or a word that keeps repeating in my head. Sometimes it is a physical sensation that I experience which means nothing to me at the time and often I dismiss it off hand.

But often there is someone that I will meet and talk to about the experience and discover that they knew of the person i'm describing or that they had pain or an injury in the area that I sensed it in, before they died. It doesn’t happen to me all the time and often I am not consciously trying to make a connection, it just seems to happen.

“Casper! For Fucks sake will you stop flying through me like that, you keep turn my innards all cold!’

2) Are you content with your life?

Well I don’t have many other options at present so I guess that yes I am generally content with my life, Though, I would like to be in better health than I am in at the moment. But that is in train. I’m over a long Battle with Major Depression. But, I finally after many years of torment and distress, have managed to finally give him his marching orders.
He was rather slow on the uptake but I am at a stage now in my life that should I choose to invite him back it will be a purely unhealthy indulgence on my part.

3) Have you ever been at or close to point blank?

Yes. There have been times in my life when going on all seemed too much. When death seemed like a better option and a quick fix to remedy the painful feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and self loathing. These feelings were often helped along by Major Depressions’ whisperings and subtle cajoling.

But, after living through my fathers suicide and Knowing the effect that his sudden and seemingly inexplicable death had on myself, his wife (my mother) and my other siblings, extended family and his friends and work mates left behind, I decided that I couldn’t do that to the people around me that loved me (even though I felt so unworthy and unlovable) and that I loved, knowing that they would be left behind dealing with overwhelming grief without explanation and the never ending search for answers.

4) Is philosophy necessary?

Well I had a tree fall in my back yard the other day and I’m pretty sure that no one heard it clapping! Well at least I didn’t anyway. I was to busy considering the number of angels that would fit on the head of a pin and exploring the meaning of life and imagining that the world existed as a speck of dirt under some huge beings fingernail. I try to practice being like the uncarved block and am always kind to cows. Does any of this count? 

5) Do you live with books?

Yes I’m surrounded by books, they line my walls and I am one of those people that have great difficulty in parting with books once they find their home on my shelves. I have very eclectic tastes and often have two or three books on the go at the same time. I am not unknown to have read the same book several times over. Not straight after reading it of course but months or even some years later.

I don’t stick to any one particular genre and don't ask me who the author is as I won't be able to tell you but... I try to avoid horror, space travel, and alien invasions. But I have read all the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, and all of Harry Potter several times over. I do enjoy a good murder mystery or conspiracy theory with spy thrillers thrown in for good measure. The occasional period romance is a light and fluffy change of pace, biographies and gay anthologies and fictional tales also find there way to my shelves.

As I said I’m an eclectic when it comes to reading mater. Oh I also have several shelves of reference books for Gardening, Patchwork, Arts and Crafts, Massage and Aromatherapy, Complimentary therapies, and Metaphysical/Spiritual Practices and theories. Oh... and a couple of shelves of now vintage childrens storybooks and almanacs. Its sad when your childhood reading is naw classed as vintage....

6) Have you ever been on stage?

The world is a stage…. And all the men and women are players upon it aren’t they?
Well, yes I have. I was always in Plays and Musicals at High school, I sang soprano as a soloist and played clarinet solos in school music festivals and competitions.

I played guitar and sang in concerts and at church functions with a folk group as a teen and later sang tenor with a choir as an adult, we were called the Mountain Minstrels.

I sang a solo “Endless Love” at my sisters wedding during the signing of the register and another couple of songs later at the reception in front of 250 people.

At parties I would get requests to sing Noel Coward and Cole Porter and at the Local Jazz club would often get dragged up to sing a few old standards…

I have also helped backstage and trained the kids’ chorus to sing for a production of “The Wizard of Oz” at my youngest brothers’ high school and helped making the costumes for a local Musical Theatre Production of “Anything Goes” and “Mozart” and costumes for a local high schools interpretive dance group.

I have emceed a retro fashion show for a local community group fund raiser. I had a Gig playing Father Christmas for several years with a professional photographer at a local shopping centre and still volunteer for a community service group each year playing Father Christmas and handing out presents to the oldies at the local hospice and then to all the kid in the district at the local town hall. Gifts for anywhere up to 200 kids.

So yes Princess has been on stage.

7) Do you regularly read a printed newspaper?

No. I find Newspapers to be very boring and usually filled with alarmist drivel and misinformation often just cut and pasted from other publications. I only purchase a newspaper to line the bottom of my budgerigar cage.

I prefer listening to talkback radio and occasionally but very rarely news on the television.

8) Are you afraid of the future?

Not for me personally but the generations that come after me I do hold fears for but also hope that the youth of the future will be more informed and able to sort the chaff from the grain.

The world is getting crazier every day and there are real basic issues that just are not being addressed. Clean water and food supplies, basic health needs, the challenge of a changing climate, relance on finite fossil fuels. “Big Business” and its insidious control and surreptitious manipulation and calling of the shots globally. Manipulation and alarmist reporting of the truth by the media and associated government spin as opposed to unbiased reporting of the news or the truth. The increasing manipulation and behind the scenes machinations if the stock market and the purported attitude that the accumulation of money is the highest defining attribute of being human frightens me. Generation of Corporate wealth, managerial bonuses and shareholder dividends are more important and take priority over social responsibility.

The expectation that to be successful one must consume, consume, and continue to consume and have the very latest gadget that is released onto the unsuspecting public. There is also a pervasive reluctance to take personal responsibility for our individual actions and the expectation for the Government of the day to take responsibility for individual lack of boundaries and personal integrity. "It’s the governments’ responsibility" to resolve every issue that arises is the cry. Well in some situations it is appropriate to legislate but, what about our own personal responsibility? But I might have to do something on a personal level like stop buying a product, adjust my attitude or change my behaviour to or actually think about an issue. Gosh i might even be able to come up with an alternative or even a solution. 

But if the response to every issue is to legislate due to public pressure then we open ourselves up to external controlling elements.
And through this process we are being lead closer to becoming a "Nanny State". In my opinion socialism is on the rise, on a global scale.

9) Do you know yourself?

Do I know myself? Yes, only, too well.

10) Will you play on?

I don’t think I'll tag anyone in particular as most of you have already participated in some way shape or form but for anyone that would like to do some future probing...

Here are another 10 questions to ponder. If you do find the time to answer them i'd be more than happy to read your responses on your blog...

1) You go to a new place that you are unfamiliar with. People are there, doing something that you have always wanted to try but have never actually done.

Do you, turn around and leave, stand around the edges watching or take the opportunity and get involved with the activity? What is your reason for your response?

2) What is the first physical attribute that you notice about a person and what is it about that attribute that gets your attention when you meet them?

3) What is it that you do that makes you feel good about yourself?

4) It is your Birthday… Do you celebrate it with gusto or just let it pass quietly, without, so much as a word to anyone? And what is your reason.

5) You are an artist, what is your field and what first attracted you to it?

6) You are creating a new home you have a choice between installing fossil fuel or renewable systems as your energy source, what form do you choose and why?

7) If you could travel to any planet in the solar system other than earth which one would it be and why would you want to visit it?

8) You have discovered a skill that will benefit the future of humanity.
What is the skill and would you choose to impart your knowledge?

9) You have discovered an opportunity to make yourself very, very rich financially but at the cost of not being happy… Do you keep your secret to yourself or invite others along for the ride.

10) You recieve notice that you have been chosen out of millions to join with a group of other people to settle and ready a new planet for future human habitation... What qualities, skills or attributes do you posess that you think got you the gig... and would you go?

So there you go ... you can get on with it or not. The choice is yours Dhaaarlings...

Oh.. Look a post without gratuitous nudity....

Well Almost!


  1. Yay First. Good answers! I think you're just fab. I love the fact you never give up. I'm honoured to be your friend.

    1. I roll my sleeves up and muck in. I like joining in. I'm not a cringing violet and I like people. I trust that in that kind of situation, the people there enjoy what they're doing and want to pass on that enjoyment.

    2. I always check out peoples' eyes. I lurve people with smiley eyes.

    3. Gardening. It reinforces the fact that hard work pays off and that there is a future. It is the activity of optimists.

    4. This year I celebrated with gusto. I finally hit 40! Woo Hoo. I like a good reason to hang out with the people I love, drink and eat too much. Plus, I lurve pressies, because I'm only little, really. About 5 or 6 years old actually. Love pressies.

    5. I'm a conceptual artist because I love the wide variety of materials, interpretation and I can't draw for beans.

    6. This is a cheat for me, cause I used to do this for a living. I'd have a vertical Ground Energy Collector, Ground Source Heat Pump and photovoltaic cells (solar energy). Because it keeps costs down and is good for the earth.

    7. Venus, cause as a Taurean (you couldn't guess?) it rules my Sun. I'd just be curious.

    8. The skill I would like is to find away of blowing open traditional methods of reading. People with dyslexia think in 3D. If there was away to write in the way they think, life would become so much more interesting. 3D knowledge. I'd pass it on in schools, village halls, streetcorners. Anywhere I could set up shop long enough to teach.

    9. I'm not sure I understand the question fully. So I'll answer it as I'm inclined. Me? I'd share my wealth. No point being old, rich and on your own.

    10. Creative writing. A project like that needs to be captured for posterity. I'd want to go so I could experience things first hand and capture the moments.

    Bring on the male nudity. I like your taste in hunks.

  2. You are a warm hearted Princess of many talents and I'm glad that you've joined the bloggysphere.

    2) What is the first physical attribute that you notice about a person and what is it about that attribute that gets your attention when you meet them?

    D'ya know I usually say eyes or somesuch, but actually I think it's the way a person smiles. I usually notice their vibe.. a kind of overall impression.


  3. y'all really gave this some serious thought, sugar! i swear, this has to be one of the best, if not THE BEST meme ever. i am so glad we've met and so glad scarlet shared this meme. xoxoxoxo

    (as with UB's questions, i'll save these questions for another day!)

  4. 1. Very difficult and uncomfortable to do. Try to fight off panic attack and press on. Social Anxiety Disorder.

    2. Tits.

    3. n/a

    4. Ignore.

    5. No talents or skills.

    6. ?

    7. Pluto. As the astronomer's union "demoted" it, I figure Pluto could use the business.

    8. See #5.

    9. ?

    10. See #5.

  5. Dear Roses
    Thankyou for answering the Q's.
    Number 9 was abit manky I suppose, i was a little weary by the time I got to writing it, but you got my drift anyway.
    Wow! your quite a resource with alt energy systems! And i love the conceprt of 3D writing, it cant be too far around the corner...

    Dear Scarlet
    Thankyou for your kind words...I too am a sucker for a great smile,
    it gives some real insight into a persons character I think..

    Dear Savannah
    Thankyou for your very generous comments and I did give this meme some deep consideration.

    I find that Meme's are handy for cold wet and rainy days (we are actually getting an old fashioned winter and the kids under ten are bemused by hats coats and gloves) when staying indoors is the best option.

    Dear XL
    Please don't ever lose that sense of humour will you... I voted for Pluto too figuring that dispite being 'downgraded" the accomodation prices might have come down a little, and it would be about the furthest place i could go to have a quiet break away from this rat race....

    SAD can be a real bitch. That with Major D can be a double whammy and made Princess a very dull girl for a long time... I'm sending you several big Hugs whether you want it or not....OOO

  6. Oh go on... let's have a group hug.

  7. Miss Scarlet pinched my bottom during the group hug!

  8. Oh i feel sooo much better now, but who was it that pinched my bottom? Well I'll just have to give you both a little tweak...

  9. ...I'm like an octopus, what can I say...

  10. Princess, I luv your answers. What an incredible life you live--such great, deep, emotional experiences. You know how to live--and you don't just survive adversity, you thrive and blossom against all odds! Amazing. Other people would've crumbled under the tremendous pressure. But you take all that pressure and turn yourself into a brilliant, priceless, sparkling diamond--Rare and Beautiful.

    I may just do your ten questions. I just need some time to sort out the answers. I'll let you know when I do get around to them.

  11. Dear Eros
    thankyou for your lovely comments I'm blushing now...

    I do admit that sometimes I feel like I'm Just surviving... but then i give myself a good kick in the butt and get on with it. you have to be more resourceful living on carer benefits. Once the bills get payed there is'nt much left over to play with so... one must get creative with the challenge...

    i always enjoy reading your posts so will look forward to your answers when you get the time... there is no rush...

  12. Oh, Princess. How very open and confident your answers are - What a lovely thing to see!

    As to your proffered questions:

    1. I'd probably stand and watch even though I'd love to join in. A mild form of the aforementioned SAD, I believe.

    2. This depends on positions. From a distance, I'd say I notice their walk, or stance if they're not moving - Their body language, I suppose.
    And close up, from behind: The back of their neck. From the side: Arms. From the front: Facial expression, or, if I'm feeling wanton, their chest (but only if they're a man).

    3. Small acts of generosity or selflessness that usually go under the radar. We can't have people thinking I'm nice, now, can we?!

    4. It can pass quietly, thankyouverymuch. I've already celebrated enough with gusto.

    5. Stealth Gardening. Creating small areas of natural(looking) interest that others think has been there for ages.
    I just love how nature eventually makes everything beautiful, so I just like to give her a hand now and again.

    6. Renewable, of course! Cheaper and more responsible.

    7. Jupiter. I'd like to find out if there are creatures living in its cloud layers, drifting around like zeppelins, or jellyfish. Plus, Jupiter has an awful lot of moons to explore, too.

    8. My skill would be Mind Opening, and if I could teach it to others, I would!

    9. I'd keep the secret - I don't want to be rich and unhappy.

    10. I think it would be my curiousity that got me chosen, an I would go like a shot! Goodbye Earth - It was nice while it lasted!

    Great questions, Princess. Thank you!

  13. Beautiful answers, beautiful questions. Of course I would expect nothing less from the very soulful and well-examined Princess.

    I will answer question #2, for fun:

    the first thing I notice about people is their eyes--is the soul there to see, or are they cold orbs, their self hidden away? The second thing is a person's smell. That's big for me, man or woman.

  14. Oh, and I really enjoyed reading every one else's answers too!

  15. Dear Princess, i'm impressed. Will comeback to read again next morning.
    Thank you, Dear.

  16. Thank you Princess for not tagging me. Attempting those questions would have made my hair bleed.

    1 I'm attending one of Princess's pool do's, I see hoards of handsome young men bouncing off the diving board like lemmings into the cool water below. I dip my toe tentatively into the water and wince, it is far too cold for my delicate frame. Princess sees my discomfort and offers me canapes on a silver salver, and begins to waffle on about fossil fuel and renewable energy systems. I go back to the pool... to drown myself.

    7 I'd like to probe planet Jupiter's red spots, I might even get to meet some intergalactic men and have sextra-terrestrial romps with a series of terrifying aliens, I have a sugar alien who would whisk me away to the moon at weekends we'll walk barefoot arm in tentacles as we stroll along the Sea Of Tranquillity.

  17. Dear Mr Device
    Your responses to my questions are great thankyou for taking the time.
    I love stealth gardening, it's great to see peoples reactions.

    I find that the back of the neck is a really hot spot for me when checking our a guy... apart from a devistatingly breath taking smile.

    Is SAD something that goes along with blogging? Just curious as to how many of us have similar issues with anxiety...I guess for me at the moment I feel more comfortable being behind a keyboard and screen than putting myself out there for real these days...

    Dear Leah
    Thankyou for your kind words. And i love your answer to Q2 you "scentual" being you...
    Tell hedghog and sarge that i liked their answers on your blog too..Hedgie sounds delightful with her answers..

    Dear Mago
    Thankyou my friend, i believe that these queations originated with your good self via Dear Roses tagging me. I thank you both for the opportunity.

  18. Hi there Mitzi,
    You are a funny soul and I love your answers.
    A question... Should you successfully drown yourself in my pool would you be interested in a biodegradable funeral? I can arrange to have you wrapped in calico with a cardboard re-usable coffin if you like...
    I believe that Jupiter is very nice at this time of year, and a moon walk through the sea of tranquility sounds delightful... next time you see your sugar alien could you ask him if he has rich brother or friend that he could introduce me to.