Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where The Hell Is Infomaniac...

 Mistress MJ has been abducted by Blogger... 
And her comments have been deleted from this Blog and all her other followers too..

What the hell is going on!

I her own words..

"My blog was mysteriously removed overnight.What's worse is that my Gmail account says "account temporarily disabled" so I can't get into my Gmail either to correspond with any of you.


  1. [weeping in the corner]

    I'll never fluff again...

  2. omigod, you're right. How does a blog just disappear like that????

    oh noooooo.... can she come back?

  3. Is it possible that she violated the Blogger content rules? I just visited that post in the blogger faqs, and was shocked at how restrictive blogger actually is. Apparently you can be suspended or deleted on the basis of content.

  4. This reeks.

    So many nasty blogs out there with all sorts of sordid content that even makes me blush.

    "Hello, I'm ayem8y and I am an Infomaniac..."

  5. Oh my! You posted on this too?

    You bitches are FAB!

    An update to let you know that earlier today I was getting a “server error” message when I tried to contact Google to report the problem. I’ve just now managed to get the message through. If I get a response from Google, I’ll let you know.

    p.s. I can't stay put down forever. Mistress MJ will rise again one just might not be til much later this year due to a busy schedule. Not too busy to visit you but too busy to create a new blog, etc. Tell XL to keep his pillow-fluffing skills up.

  6. I'm Princess and I'm an Infomaniac Bitch!!!
    Oh... i'm so relived to see that you are still out there Darling MJ. XXX

    I guess Big Brother is watching or just some small minded little tossers...

    So now if "The Palais" goes up in smoke i'll know why, thanks to Miss Leah's investigatory skills.

    Maintain the rage Little Pirate

    What will we do without Chez Infomaniac?... Its been like a home away from home.
    If you need a roof over your head i'm prepared to open a whole wing of the palais for you Dear Mistress...

  7. Hi Leah

    Oh and Mistress...Ive made room for your houseboys too..

  8. It must be all those photos of old, fat and ugly men with crusty weenies.

    I'll miss MJ a lot but not them.

  9. I'm Roses and I'm an Infomaniac Bitch (and proud of it).

    I blogged as soon as I heard (well, and after a good dose of caffeine).

    I am not A Happy Bunny.

  10. I'm Savannah and I'm an Infomaniac Bitch!

    Free MJ!


    Well done, Princess! xoxoxoxo

  11. Just to let you all know... Fellow Infomaniac Bitch Leni Quinan and regular at Mago's has now succumbed to the same fate as Mistress MJ. I'm putting money on myself to be next...

  12. Hello bitches.

    Could I get a room for the night?

  13. You can have a whole wing Mistress

  14. Princess, thank you for putting out the word on what's going down and for expanding our movement to bring back Infomaniac. All ready, our multiple posts at Blogger Forum has caught the attention of the Blogger Team. They've started replying. It's only a matter of time before the higher ups at Google (the parent of Blogger) start noticing the noise we are making. Google does NOT need any more negative publicity, esp. since it's currently involved in illegal spying activities in several countries. Google does NOT need the public to think that it is a homophobic entity that promotes hate speech/extremist religious fanatics, and censors free speech.

    Keep up the good work, people! It's working!