Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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This weeks theme for MCW hosted by Milk River Madman
while Boxer takes a well earned rest is...

"Best Sequal"

Choosing a Best Sequal is an interesting task this week as a lot of sequals just don't pass muster and could hardly be named as best after the original particularly if the original was a mega hit...
Like Speed, Miss Congeniality, Legally Blonde, 2001,  
Then you have the franchise movies that seem to go on forever with a sequal following a sequal following a sequal following a sequal with a prequael thrown in for good measure...
I cite Police Academy, Lethal  Weapon, Die Hard, The Karate Kid, Shrek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Superman, Batman etc etc... do you get my drift?

Picking the worst would not have been any easier as there are no end of options for crap sequals...
Particularly if they are made without the original cast members or are given such a crazy plot that they just don't bare any resemblence to the original storyline...
However, being a sucker for animated kids movies, (given that I have babysat 16 nephews and nieces over the years) I have gone with...

Toy Story 2

Fun wholesome entertainment that followed on from the original... and introduced new and interesting characters...

Heros and Villains with an intriguing storyline.

Oh ... and did I mention it was funny?

It also included some background to some of the new characters which gave them more purpose for being there.

All in all a great followup to a brilliant original concept

Happy MCW!


  1. Great choice. I completely agree!

    I love Pixar films, love, love, love. Toy Story was just great, Toy Story 2 was just brilliant. I think there's a third on the cards too.

    Nice one Princess.

  2. i've missed all the pixar animated films, well, except for the commercials, sugar! no little ones around here. i'll have to do a secret netflix watch! ;~D xoxoxoxo

    (laughing @the image of brown paper wrapped cartoons!)

  3. Sweet!
    You are so right about sequals and prequals.
    I'm going to be watching The Godfather II on Friday - it's supposed to be better than the first, it originally came out when I was too young to understand these types of films.

  4. Excellent choice! Pixar films are fantastic! Luv Toy Story and Toy Story 2. It's the films that have heart and humor that stand the test of time.

  5. Velvet Mafia 2 ?

    Wv. piddlyho (it knows me too well)

  6. Well done Your Highness. When I was discussing with 5 Wood my possible choices, he mentioned this. It is a great concept and story. Thanks for playing.ou

  7. Good morning Princess,

    I saw the first one and liked it. I haven't seen this one, maybe I should give it a shot.

    Happy clip day!

  8. Another great sequel that I totally forgot! Good choice :)

  9. Holy cow, I thought Movie Clip Wednesday was interrupted? Boxer on vacation or something?

  10. I saw the original but never saw the sequal. I thought it was hysterical. Any scene with Buzz Lightyear or "the claw" were the best. My kids are big fans of this and the Shrek series.

    Happy MCW!