Monday, June 14, 2010

Where the hell is Leni Quinan????

Fellow Infomaniac's....

 One of our newest bitches Lenni Quinan has succumbed to the same fate as Mistress MJ.

Her blog and comments have also been deleted without notice...

Perhaps this was a temporary Glitch as the link now works though this still does not explain how comments just disappeared from other blogs
Is this just coincidence or is there something more sinister going on here?...

I'm just wondering who will be next to suffer this fate at the hands of the Blogger Cyber Police.

I'm putting money on Me...

So if 'Princesses' pretty face just suddenly disappears from your comments then you will know what has happened...

Ps.. You can read Leni's own explanation as to what has happened  Here


  1. sweet mary sunshine! wtf is going on? xoxox

  2. Dear Savannah,

    I'm not sure but as for Lenni's blog it is still there, I just checked the link from Mago's and her blog was there but her comments from mago's blog have all just disappeared... It is really weird...

  3. Hi Savannah and Princess.

    Thanks a lot for your concerns and support.

    My blog has been temporarily disabled, but is now back; nevertheeless, all my the comments in my blog and other blogs have been deleted.

    Do you think that posting the pic of a woman naked may have been the cause of all this mess? Does it break Google's Terms of Service?

    I just can't understand this...

    I now know very well how MJ must be feeling. I send her a big hug from here.

  4. Hi Leni,
    It seemed like the least i could do given the circumstances...
    It just all seems so Bizzare...

    I know how i would feel if I was shut down and i havn't been blogging that long...

    How does one back up?
    Id be greatful for any help on this matter...

  5. Dear Princess, I just made a copy of my blog: You find it under "Settings" - "Basic", in the first line: Blog tools: Import, export, delete.
    Simply export it, it will be stored in "xml"-format on a location you name on your computer.
    I read that it is possible to import "xml"-data f.e. in wordpress, they have an extra button for this. I will do this later and tell you what happened. I first have to think about all this and will post.
    The whol "handling" of this by google is terrible - its just not the way one handles humans.

  6. OK, now I'm convinced that this is not a technical glitch, it's just as you've said: CENSORSHIP!

    I've done as Mago suggested and copied my blog, as well as included the Content Warning page before my blog opens. There's no way I'm having 4.5 years of blog posts deleted.

    A pox on ANYONE who ignores our content warnings and searches out anything that may be of questionable taste to them just so they can report it to Blogger/Google. A POX!

  7. Well said Princess. I am beyond upset regarding the removal of MJ's blog. :-(

  8. May their wand turn warty and fall off.

  9. Leni's Comments from last night here have strangely dissappeared...

  10. Princess, if Blogger thinks that we're just going to be bullied and go quietly into the night, they've got another thing coming!

    To borrow from the poet Dylan Thomas:

    We refuse to go gently into the night! We're going to rage, rage against the dying light!

  11. Well, it's a free service and they can probably do what they want. It probably says something to that effect in the small print of the terms and conditions which I know I never bothered reading.

    Hope MJ recovers her blog.


    It's so good to be back!