Monday, April 19, 2010

"Fabulous Frock" Competitors.....And Voting Day

It's Voting Day

On behalf of the Organising Committee...

Princess graciously welcomes you all to the...

Inaugural "Fabulous Frock" Competition
 "Palais de Steff"

Princess would like to..
Thank all our marvelous entrants and their

"Fabulous Frocks"

And and now folks here they are, give them all a rousing round of applause as
our delightful entrants approach the catwalk...

(Thankyou You Tube)
And remember what you are voting for...

A: "The Most Appealing Frock"


B: "The Most Appalling Frock"

There is a PRIZE for the winner in each catagorie!

So let's get on with the show now shall we?
Princess Proudly Presents for your Pondering and Perusal ...

Contestant #1.

Mr Xl

(Thankyou YouTube)

Sing along now...


"Thankyou Mr Xl"...

Contestant #2.

Miss Scarlet Blue

"Whom appears to be Brandishing....

Her own sense of "Vertical Enhancement"

In a "Ravishing Little Red Number" ....

Reaching new and somewhat alarming heights on the catwalk"!

(Thankyou You Tube)


"Thankyou Miss Scarlet "

"Do you require assistance from a houseboy to dismount your prop"? 

And now welcome to the catwalk...

Contestant #3.

Mr Eroswings

"One moment please...
Mr Eros tells us all a little more about his "Harleqin Ensemble"

"Houseboy! Microphone for Mr Eros please"

"Thankyou Mr Eros, you have the floor"
"The shirt I'm borrowing from Olympic bronze medalist
Daisuke Takahashi of Japan".

"The pants I'm borrowing from the Norwegian Olympic curling team."

"The mask I found on line".

"The shoes I'm borrowing from MJ's Jan 3, 2010 post on shoes".


"Thankyou Mr Eros"....

Contestant #4

HRH CyberPetra

"The Queen of High Maintenance"

would like to say a few wordsmany words, "Recite an Ode" to each of her entries...

"Houseboy! Pass the microphone to HRH please"

CP #1 

(Forward Window)

 “Nolan Miller is responsible for this creation “Black Swan”.
(Rear Window)

"A feathered gown circa 1980 designed for the
"New York City Ballet Company".
How can one let this creation stay in an old Louis Vuitton travel case?
It must be seen as well as heard - and loud it is”!

CP #2

“As I was looking through the basement I found an old trunk in the back.
Something left from a previous tenant.
One who obviously had very little taste.
So I simply had to unroll an old rug that the previous tenant also left behind, and display this dress.
Maybe you could have it on standby in case one of your guests
 has forgotten that it is indeed a ball
I would not personally be caught dead wearing it, as I'm allergic to all things shiny and polyester”.

CP #3

“I adore vintage, even the more shall we say opulent - gaudy anyone?
So it is with great pleasure that I share this vintage YSL creation with you.
It has been in the royal collection for many years.
Hidden away as it's not something one wears out anymore.
 Yet, I feel it is time that it should be displayed for all and sundry.
You can say what you want about the dress, but,
“Yves Saint Laurent” knew what he was doing”.


Thankyou "Miss Queen of High Maintenance"
You may now leave the catwalk in readiness for our next contestant...

Which is...

*ruffling through notes*

Contestant # 5

 Miss Savannah

 S #1.

S #2.

S #3

I feel a theme approaching....

(Thankyou You Tube)

"Why Miss Savannah.... Your Gowns speak for themselves"....


Thankyou Miss Savannah

Contestant # 6.

Mistress MJ

"MJ would also like to say a few words about her entry"... 

"Houseboy, pass the microphone to Dear MJ please"

"You may recognize it as the black satin strapless number wore by Rita Hayworth in the film 'Gilda'.

Of course it isn't complete without seeing me, er, Gilda
shim and shake in the gown" ....


"Thankyou Mistress MJ for that gravity defying perfomance"....

And now welcome to the catwalk our final entrant...

Contestant #7

Mr Inexplicable De Vice

"Mr De Vice would also like a few moments at the voice projector"...

"Houseboy, if you will"

"Please... Cast your spell Mr De Vice"...

IDV #1.

"The first is a bit too "Kathy Najimi"

IDV #2.

"The second is "Too Slutty Cheerleader"....

IDV #3.

"As you can see, it's a little more "Incredible Cloak" than it is "Fabulous Frock"
 but it does come with several must-have accessories:

 The Orb-topped staff for beating one's way up the red carpet
The demonic horns for when one simply must bow before the waiting paparazzi...

  And thereby have their eyes out

 The frightful make-up which masks the damage done by standing over a boiling cauldron the previous night";

"And finally, the familiar".

 "Although, I can supply my own familiar in the shape of Clone-Beaky and he's at least twice as evil"!


"Thank Mr De Vice"

*leaving the catwalk Cackling at the paparrazzi*...

And there you have it.
Please put your hands together for all of our wonderful contestants
And their "Fabulous Frocks"

Now Remember Dhaaarlings you are casting 2 Votes...

A: "The Most Appealing Frock"


B: "The most Appalling Frock"

Start Your Voting Dhaaarlings...

Princess will be Tabulating your Votes.....

And as soon as the voting is done....

 Will be announcing the Winning Contestants and Presenting Prizes
 at the...

 "Royal Gala Masque Ball"

I'll see you all there now....

Won't I?.....


  1. Appealing:
    Miss Scarlet
    Savannah #1
    IDV #1
    Pete #1


  2. Thank you Mr Xl,
    I can see that this is going to be so much fun...

  3. Pete's blue satin frock is the most appalling! There is something very creepy about it... I'm getting some very odd vibes from that picture...

    Savvy's no.1 is a stunner though.


  4. What an amazing array!

    But I'm getting ready for work so will return tomorrow with my votes.

    We would like to thank the Academy for posting a Del Rubio Triplets clip.

  5. Ooh, what a collection!

    The easiest choice to make is for that of the most appalling frock. Without a doubt it has to be 'Petra's vile and contemptable, shiny polyester #2. Scarlet Blue is right: It is creepy!

    I'll have to come back later to decide which I find the most appealing as I can't choose between Miss Scarlet's divine red number, 'Petra's 'Black Swan', Savannah's #3 and MJ's black sastin strapless.

  6. yikes! i can't decide on most appealing, sugar! but i know for sure the most appalling is my delish petey pet's #3 (CP#3) damn, sugar, my skin is feeling itchy just looking at it! xoxoxxo

    (i'll post my choice for most appealing later!)

  7. Most appealing is definately Savannah #1

    Most appalling is most definately (my blue polyester dress -but I probably can't vote for my own so it's got to be) XL suity thing. It's way too Diane Keaton *shudders*

  8. Oooh, these are ALL great!


    The blue Miss Havisham dress is far and away the most appalling. Kudos!!!

    I think I will have to go with Scarlet's scarlet fabulousness for most appealing.

  9. Well done, everyone!

    Most Appealing = Savannah’s #1.

    However, I couldn’t help but notice that it’s headless.

    Is it Anne Boleyn’s gown?

    Most Appalling = CyberPoof’s blue prom date / bridesmaid dress / monstrosity.


    Was the previous tenant a serial killer?

    Are there any stains in that old trunk in the basement?

    And if I were you, I’d check under the floorboards.

    Personal Fave (though NOT “Most Appealing”): Erowing’s harlequin ensemble.

    Particularly the Norwegian curling pants and the Clevistyle shoes.

    I do hope he’ll be wearing this outfit to the ball!

    Most Disturbing Thought: That tonight I’ll dream about IVD dressed as a slutty cheerleader.

  10. Wow! Where to begin?

    First off, let's talk about the the fabulous and fantastic ones:

    1. XL

    Ah, Marlene Dietrich, fashion and arts icon and goddess of the silver screen! She is the epitome of sexy and the originator of the glamorous, stunning androgynous look, often imitated and worshiped by millions the world over! I luv the tux look! Fantastic choice, XL, definitely timeless, classic, and sensational.

    2. Scarlet Blue

    Such a gorgeous, lovely red hot look! Definitely amazing and sexy! My eyes are drawn everywhere from the shoes to the legs, to the boobs, and the accessories! Simply ravishing!

    3. Er, am I the only one who brought a mask for the Royal Gala Masque Ball? Or is everyone else picking theirs at the last minute? Although, IDV and XL are wearing very commanding and spectacular headgear. Damn! I knew I should've gotten a hat, too!

    4. CP


    That is a very stunning feathered number! Hell, even Evan Lysacek would've looked better wearing this dress than the gawd awful feathered frock Vera Wang did for him at the Winter Olympics! Not since Bjork's Swan dress have I ever seen another eye catching feathered dress! But this one gets my attention for all the right reasons. It doesn't make me want to take out a rifle and shoot it. Although, I'm worried about how to clean something like that. Dry clean? Hand wash only? Groomed by birds? But I suppose when you dress that fabulous, you don't worry about who's gonna clean up the mess afterwards. Beautiful gown!

    5. Savannah


    It looks like a fantasy dream creation come to life. Fantastic. That is a huge train to walk across the floor; but maybe you'd get an attendant to hold your train while you walk. Now that's a striking dress!


    That is a beautiful pattern! It flows, it blossoms, and it looks as if it's in motion. Very dynamic and beautiful.

    6. MJ

    Wow! Such an exquisite and evocative dress! Absolutely spectacular! Stunning! Ah, Rita Hayworth, the most beautiful redhead goddess to ever grace the silver screen!

    It would appear that MJ brought her own band to announce her arrival. That's one way to make an entrance.

    7. IDV


    What an enchanting, magnificent, magical gown. Very fierce and fiery! The pimp cane is authoritative and divine. It screams, Bitch! Where's my money!?! The horny headgear is frightening, enticing, and provocative at the same time; it says I'm going to punish you and you're going to love it! I also see you've brought your entire entourage!

    So many wonderful creations to choose from; it was very hard to pick out a winner from all these fab choices. But in the end, my vote for the most appealing dress goes to MJ's Gilda dress. That's one unforgettable creation!

  11. Now let me look over the questionable choices for the masked ball. There are some very unflattering disasters here.

    4. CP


    Yeah, that blue dress is outdated and fugly! It made me think of the Bates Motel from the movie Psycho. Tell us, CP, was there a skeleton in a chair wearing this dress when you found it?

    But I do see some potential in this blue number. You can lose the sleeves, go with a simple strapped neck to make this dress look fantastic. Or you can just go strapless with a heart shaped neckline, use a wide black belt and the dress will look great.


    This YSL dress made me think of Christmas tinsel and cupcakes! In fact, I actually went and made cupcakes after seeing this dress! Even that waist line looks like frosting and sprinkles on cupcakes! YSL must've been craving cupcakes when he made this one!

    5. Savannah


    Yeah, that brown thing on her chest looks like a huge coffee stain and nobody told her! Either that or she got splashed with muddy waters while standing on the sidewalk. And all that black lace on the skirt makes me think of mosquito nets!

    7. IDV


    Yeah, that dress, I'd actually shoot with a rifle and then set it on fire just be sure it's dead.


    Good lord, it's like she mugged a little girl and stole her Halloween costume! And no self respecting stripper would be caught wearing those fugly shoes! Clunky shoes are frumpy; clear heels are classy!

    And after careful viewing of these fashion failures, the worst dress choice is clear. My vote for the most appalling dress goes to IDV's horned dress #1, because he associates it with Kathy Namiji, and image is now stuck in my head. I don't want to think about a horny, giggling nun from Sister Act getting jiggy with it! That's just wrong!

  12. Oof! Late again.

    After much panicked scrolling up and down, I have finally chosen MJ's black satin Gilda number as my most appealing frock, closely followed by Miss Scarlet's precariously high red frock.

  13. most appealing: xl as marlene dietrich! she was among the first to establish her own style without the studio imposing one on her - a real classic! xoxoxo

  14. Dear,
    Are you not casting a vote for the most Apalling Gown? You are such a Gentleman.

    And BTW you scrub up very well in a tux

    It is a bit on the creepy side although i doo like the colour of Petes'#2 Dispite it's hidiosity in design.
    your red frock is a dream...

    The Del Rubio Sisters are new to me, but I think they are marvelous...

    I'll be doing more listening to their dulcet tones...


    Petra could well be on to a winner with that creepy blue frock...

    As for the most appealing it is a difficult call as they are all so fabulous...

    I hope I got your theme right...
    I hear you gurl...


    Your selections of frock are stunning to say the least such contrasting styles and taste...
    The feathered black swan had me drooling when I first saw it and I just had to try it on... hope you don't mind Dhaarling...
    Oh and I have run off a pattern...

    2&3 i must admit had me feeling a little itchy, I'm just not a polyester girl I'm afraid...

  15. Dear,

    Me thinks Miss Havisham would think that she was the "Creme De la Creme" in that lovely frock...

    How was your day? May i offer you a stiff...drink?

    Given that Eros was the only one to include a mask i guess he has given us all a "preview" of his
    ensemble for the ball...

    Cp assures me that the only stains he found in the trunk appeared to be yoghurt...

    Sweet Dreams...


    Thankyou for your in depth discussion, thoughts and obsevations on our lovely entrants and their Fabulous Frocks.

    you have all certainly out done yourselves on the catwalk.
    I love the thought you have put into your ensemble... the traditional "Masked Harlequin"
    Let me know if you are planning a demontration routine as I will have the Ice Rink prepared in anticipation...

    Welcome Back,

    And thanks for rejoining us...

    I too have been climbing up and down the screen like a mad thing in order to repy to all your Wonderful comments...
    I had'nt expected so may eager competitors!
    And, as a result my arms and legs are all achy now...


    Welcome back, you have obviously had some time to come to a conscidered verdict...thank you.

    I have to admit i've had so much fun so far...

  16. Princess Appologises for her tardyness in responses, but has just arrived back at the palais this evening following an unplanned outing earlier today.

  17. If you position yourself just so under the ladder, you can see Miss Scarlet's Secret Lady Place.

  18. Is that also red and volumous like the gown?

  19. Dear MJ

    Thankyou for your astute observations...
    Why is miss Scarlet's "Secret Lady Place" smeared with... is it butter?
    given her recent appointment as beauty therapist I thought that "unruly bush" had been tamed....

    And what may I ask is a cell phone doing there?

  20. Dear CP.

    I'm not exactly sure, it depend on whether "Velva Creme" has been involved.

    *reminder to self...send Get Well card to Mr de Vice*

  21. I will be back later when I am fully awake. I might do mean things with Bach Flower remedies.

  22. Good Morning Dear Scarlet,

    I see you have been having technical difficulties in your new employ at Chez Infomaniac...

    You can get all the rest you require now...

  23. Oh, so faboo! Even the committee showing us their bloomers -- scandalous! I'm kind of glad I'm too late to vote, because I never could have chosen.

    I shamefully admit that, in the 1980s, I had a shirt just like those lovely ladies in Bananarama wear in that video.