Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May we have the Winners Please.....

Hello There Dhaaarlings and Welcome...

to the

 "Palais de Steff"

"Royal Gala Masquerade Ball"

Your Table is Waiting...

The Cocktail Bar is open in the Champagne Room...

So do have a glass of bubbles with me wont you?


The Winning Contestants of the Inaugural "Fabulous Frock" Competition
are announced...

Your Costumes are all Spectacular Dhhaaarlings

Well most of them anyway...

Now lets get down to announcing the WINNERS of the inaugural

"Fabulous Frock Competition" 

shall we?

If I may have your attention please...

Ladies and Gentlemen....

It gives me such very great pleasure to announce

 The Winner of the "Most Appealing Frock"

"Houseboy the Envelope please"

"Orchestra...Drum roll... thankyou "


"Ladies and Gentlemen we have"....

"A Tie"!

Svannah #1

and her stunning tribute to "Anne Boleyn" ....


Mistress MJ

and her gravity defying "Gilda Gown"

Congratulations to Both our Winners...

*Cheering and Applause*

 Now Miss Savannah and Mistress MJ...

If you would be so kind as to display your winning gowns...
In a Double Strut down the Catwalk for us one last time...

On Behalf of the Organising Committee

Princess would like to Present to each of you with this Beautiful Prize

And now to the one that you have all been waiting for...

The winner of the "Most Appaling Frock"  

which goes to....

"Houseboy the envelope"

"Another Drum roll if you please Mr Orchestra"

HRH CyberPetra #2

for his "Atrocity in Blue"

Please take to the catwalk for a final time...
and we shall try not to avert our eyes...

*Rousing Applause*

Congratulations HRH Petra you certainly had this catagory covered Dhaaarling....

On Behalf of the Organising Committee
Princess would like to Present you with this Beautiful Prize

Now with the formalities complete

Lets Enjoy the Masque Ball shall we...

Thank you all for your wonderful entries and participation.

I think that you are all winners....

Now if you would all be so kind as to join our winners on the dance floor...

And later...some of the houseboys will help us all to cool down...

Ladies and Gentlemen

Do enjoy your evening won't you?

"Waiter! More Drinks for our guests"...


  1. I misread the title as “May We Have the WIENERS Please?” teehee.

    Mistress MJ wishes to thank her adoring fans for this honour.

    *neglects to mention the number of arses she had to kiss and producers she had to sleep with*

    Air kisses all ‘round dahlings!

    Congratulations to ALL of you.

    And thanks to our Princess who made this event possible.

    May I have the blue mask? Yellow isn’t my colour.

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    Thank you and the palis staff for putting on such a nice event!

    Off to have a Chi-Chi now.

    MJ seems to have wieners on her mind today!

  3. Hi Xl,
    I must say your'e looking radiant in your Tux...Or was it the wieners you consumed just prior to arrival?

    Oh dear you seem to have dribbled *bending to sniff* is it Mustard? At least i hope it is mustard on your sleeve.

    Houseboy! find a cloth for Mr Xl...

    Well if it isn't one of our glorious winners...

    Welcome Dear Mistress and congratulations again on your shared victory...

    Of course "Blue" would be your colour... so yes i think it an appropriate request...

    Are you to reprise your "shim and shake" again...It is such a wonderful routine...I've had such a time with the houseboys attempting to copy your moves.... every time i turn around there they are, shimmying and shaking their bits all over the Palais!

  4. thank you, sugar and thanks to all y'all for the votes! it is an absolute stunning gown and i truly feel it would appropriate at y'all's most fabulous ball! thank you again, princess! i am deeply honored! xoxoxoxox

  5. Congratulations one and all!

    Well, except to 'Petra - That monstrosity shouldn't be congratulated. It should be annihilated!

  6. After that comment from IDV I don't know if I should thank anyone. Yet, here I am all chuffed about winning such an awesome prize.

    Thanks so much dear Princess (and the people who voted for me?). I'm positively chuffed.

    With the voting over and all, I can safely say that The Swan dress by Nolan Miller isn't my cup of tea.

  7. Congrats to MJ, Savvy and Pete!!!
    I really do have to go in for my tea now...

  8. My dog ate my dress and now I'm here (LATE) with only a bottle of vodka.

    Oh! I see XL and he's looking for Chi-Chi's.

    Lovely party!!

  9. Congratulations to our three winners!

    Well done, Savannah, MJ, and CP.

    Cheers to everyone for a fantastic first Fabulous Frock Competition!

    *Heads over to the food section to start sampling the goods*