Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grey Days...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

After hanging out for so long for decent rains and with bumper crops almost ready for harvest

This weekend is turning into another bought of wet tropical downpours with the accompanying light and sound show...

We have had 68 ml since Friday evening. And it is still raining...

The farmers could have done with fine sunny weather from now till after Christmas.

To give them a better chance to get the harvest in...

But... you never know what Dame Nature is going to serve up next...

She can be so fickle sometimes.... 

And to top it all off I have just been to cast my vote today in the State Elections...

I just love standing in a queue getting drenched.... Don't You!

But ther were some very interesting converstions taking place around me while I endured the wait..

"Wanna share a booth and check my box?"

"Speaking of hung parliaments..."

"Do you vote above the line or below the line?"

"Are you a swinging voter?"

"Put ‘one' in this box and I'll put one in yours."

"Now I see the appeal of polling the electorate."

"So which member are you hoping to get up?"

"They don't call me a ‘donkey voter' for nothing."


  1. Don't vote, it only encourages them!

  2. Hi XL

    I know... And it only seems like last week that we had the federal elections. I'm voting to be voted out of participation... Fat chance of that happening though when it is mandatory.... Failure to vote results in a fine or jail or both!

  3. PS: That guy with the Yule Log is ready for Xmas!

  4. Compulsory voting? I'm learning new things all the time with my visits to the Palais.

  5. I'm voting for Voodoo Butter! *Rushes enthusiastically into the booth expecting big things!*

  6. Dear Xl
    I don't know... I think he could take a little more heat before then... I'm off to deck the whores with boughs of Holly....

    Hi Hayward
    Yes compuslion to vote! They sell it as "Your democratic right" Too bad if you oppose. The only option then is to write something seditious on your ballot paper.
    Some people get quite creative by making up rude/funny sentences when filling in the boxes with letters instead of numbers.

  7. Oh Hi Mitzi
    I must have missed you as you made a dash for the booth...
    Turns out we have ended up with a hung parliament!... I must have known something... And spookily enough that's him in the pic...