Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Milk River Madman has done it again this week with another theme to get me thinking....

"Worst Sequal"

God there are just so many... Any movie with a 'Number' following the title or the Roman equivalent gets my vote.
Quite often they are so appallingly bereft of a believable storylines credible scripting and even the actors that starred in the original movie

And because think I said enough last week
I'll let "Teddie" say it this week for all of us...

Happy Fuggin MCW


  1. Oog. There're some horrors amongst that lot. Some, I'm pleased to say, I never knew existed: Dumb & Dumberer? WTF?

    I think the most disappointing sequel I've ever seen is X-Men 3. Without Brian Singer in the director's chair, it was just a big old mess.
    No, I take that back. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was far worse!

  2. Those Matrix sequels were stinkers, weren't they. I kind of like Speed 2. There were moments, glimpses of greatness but then the story kicked in.

    I thankfully never heard of Son of the Mask. The first one was pretty sucky on it's own. Didn't need a sequel.

  3. Oh boy. I don't even want to go there.

    I'm playing this week.

  4. What are you playing at, Miss Roses?

  5. They made a second Flintstones movie? Aargh!

  6. Speed II was inexplicable to me. Without Keanu Reeves sexing things up, it was just a movie about a broken boat. Pfffft.

  7. Good morning Princess,

    Well that's quite a list. I can thankfully say, I've never seen any of them.

    Have a happy clip day!

  8. Speed 2. Booooooooooooo. I had forgetten about this. Why? Why? Why? You know it's going to be bad when most of the original writers/etc bail out.

    Happy MCW!

  9. Didn't Keanu Reeves look like an altar boy? And anything with Stephen Baldwin is an automatic pass. I have not seen Blues Brothers 2000 - thank God.

    Happy MCW!

  10. Princess, sorry to get here so late. That is the sentence I will start every comment. Great Fuggin post. Agree with all of them. "Steve Guentenberg didn't want to be in it" Great line. You're the best for being such a loyal participator. Happy MCW.

  11. Dear Mr DeVice
    transformers 2 was shittier then the first bad effort...
    Much preferred the cartoon series.

    Dear Xl
    And even in that the damn plot was still the same...

    Dear Pete
    Matrix is what happens when they think they are on a cash cow. Turns out they were both the equivalent of cow shit.

    Dear Roses
    And you played well my dear...
    Where were all the men in kilts?
    Now that would cause some quickening around here...

    Dear MJ

    Thanks for calling. I think it is sometimes referred to as the field...

    Dear Joanna
    Yeah...Yabba Dabba Doo Dooo....

    Dear Moi
    Pretty much the same thoughts here... But it was Daylight and the T-Rex wasn't there.

    Dear Karl
    And i hope for your sake you never ever do...

    Dear Boxer

    Yup, you got it in one.
    Any sequal without the original cast can't be good....

    Dear Buzz
    Teddie says don't fuggen bother...
    I have to agree. I t would kill the original for me.

    Dear Madman
    I want to see your late pass...
    thanks for making it over anyway...
    Great theme this week and from all the revolting posts I've endured you are welcome to share the eye bleach! Keep em Coming...