Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Empress is Getting Hip!

Following long and lenghty consultations with the Palais Surgical Team

And  much waiting

  and waiting

It would seem...
 that after all this time...

""Empress Dowagers Malady" has been misdiagnosed...

Thank you Dr....

We do not suffer from your "Garden Variety" of Arthritis

Oh no...

"Empress"... you have...

And how soon might this affliction be remedied I enquired sweetly?

Initially I was informed that it would be 4-6 weeks

Then on further consultation "2-6 months"

You may well imagine the Empresses dismay at this news...

We travelled home to the "Palais" feeling Quite bewildered by the outcome of our journey....

That was all on Monday....

Today... ( Thursday 18th)  Princess recieved some wonderful news...

It was the local infirmary asking if I could arrange for the Empress to be available for her total hip replacement on the 25th of this month!

Of course I immediately said YES

Princess's prayers have been answered


It's Pre-Op Party Week At "Palais de Steff"

Drinks Anyone?


  1. Excessive alcohol use is also a common cause of osteonecrosis.

  2. I'm sure it's not the first pre-op party you've thrown at the Palais.

  3. My Dear MJ,
    The Empress is Fortunately a tea totaller so shall not be imbibing.
    However i shall on her behalf.

    She has unfortunately, had a long history of prescribed Corticosteroid use.

    Long-term corticosteriod use may also cause osteonecrosis to form. Corticosteriods are used to treat inflammation in diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors are not sure why long-term use of corticosteriod puts people at a higher risk.
    Ergo Misdiagnosis and result

  4. Congrats on the excellent news on the correct diagnosis and immediate scheduling!

    I know of several others in Oz that are on lengthy waiting lists.

  5. That is truly fantastic news! I had been thinking about you and the Empress and am delighted to hear this...

    p.s. and rather off-topic: do you ever ship your totes to America? I am very interested to know whether such a lovely objet could be obtained...

  6. That is amazing news darling!

    I thought a pre-op party was a "she still has her penis party" though?

  7. most excellent news, sugar! i'll raise a glass to all y'all tonight! xoxoxoxo

  8. Good news. It will hopefully lead to a painfree life. My best wishes for the operation. I will rise a glass to you at the next occasion.

  9. Cheers! That is good news!

    I hope everything works out well and I wish her a safe experience and a quick recovery.

  10. Dear Xl,
    I see we dead heated in the nekkid sledding!
    We are both still in shock at the rapid response...

    Dear Leah,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts, it is fantastic news...
    As for the Totes, the answer is no not as yet but there may well be a post at the "Palais" to give you an Idea of the type of work that I do, totes, handbags, vests, dresses and large quilts are all part of my creative bent...
    Who knows what the future may bring.

    Deat Pete,
    Trust you dhaaarling!
    It is good news though...

    Dear Savannah,
    The drinks are on me
    Bottoms up!

    Dear Mago,
    A pain free mother is surely a good thing... No doubt she will be Foxtrotting in no time...

    Dear Eros,
    Thank you and thankyou for your great reporting on the O Games
    It's far more informative that the local crap that we get dished up down here...

  11. Great news lovely.

    Best of luck to the Empress.