Saturday, February 20, 2010

Princess Displays Her Wares....

Princess has recently been asked to display some of her wares...

So has been busy sewing up a storm at the "Palais"

Tote bags And Handbags...

All of which are fully lined with matching/contrasting 100% Cotton lining....

The totebags make great gifts for school kids

And the handbags have an internal pocket for your purse and mobile phone..

They have extended handles that when hung over your shoulder,

sit snugly between your waist and elbow..

Here are a couple ofclose ups...


Princess also makes...

Quilts that are.....

Fully reversable....

Made from 100% Cotton

These are 2 photos from a series of 3 Single Bed Quilts

All three were done in simalar colours but in light, midtone and, dark shades

The lady that I made them for was thoroughly delighted with the finished result.

So much so, that she immediately ordered a Queen Sized Quilt.

Same pattern but this time in florals and spring tones

I almost have the top finished but unfortunately due to...

 "The Empress Getting a new Hip"

Things have had to be put on hold temporarily...

I just love doing this type of work and am hoping one day, to turn it into my fulltime employ...

I would welcome your feedback and hope that you have enjoyed a peek into one of the other, "more serious sides" to Princess


  1. "asked to display some of her wares"

    Had me worried there for a second!

    Those are wonderful quilts! Reminds me of the ones my grandmothers made.

  2. You are so talented, Princess!!! I am really really impressed. Your quilting work is sensational, and the totes are charming. Have you thought about setting up an online etsy shop? It costs less than nothing to do, and then you could advertise a link to your you can set up a paypal account...just one idea. Of course, you may have more business than you can handle anyway!

    I would love to buy totes if you have time or inclination to arrange an overseas transaction after the Empress is all taken care of!

    If not, I will admire from afar.

  3. saw the comment at leah's, sugar and absolutely HAD to come over to take a peek1 i agree with her suggestions btw re etsy! xoxoxo

  4. ?
    Something with needles I guess.
    Good luck dear princess. Did you know that The Infomaniac once was a knitting blog?

  5. You are very talented! The totes look very nice.

    I really like the photos of the bed quilts. I'm a big fan of geometric patterns--particularly art deco designs.

    Leah is right. You've got the potential for a big internet business. All you need now is time. And like you said, your mother comes first. Hope all is well with her.

    You really do have fantastic design skills!

  6. Dear Xl,
    Sorry to scare you like that.
    Quilting is a facinating art and though it is not a tradition in my family I seem to have taken up the challange. initially making them as gift heirlooms for nieces and nephews but word of mouth has eventually turned it into a paying hobby and I have plans to turn it into a business down the track.
    I have been asked on a couple of occasions to display my work at various fund raisers and charity events, which to be honest "Blew me away " as I didn't appreciate the skill that I apparentley have in doing this type of work.
    Though I am getting better at acknowledging my work as having merit and that people ate prepared to pay for quality workmanship.

  7. Dear Leah,
    Thankyou for giving me some real motivation and I sincerely appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
    I will explore the option of etsy shop and do some research about pay pal, options that i had not considered and thanx for the link.
    Future shipments to the US are not out of the realms of Possibility Currently my volumes are low and each piece is unique as I never make the fairy totes using the same print more than the one time. The handbags are a first design, but they too are all individual with different linings and fabrics used.
    I have been toying with some other styles but have yet to put them together.
    I would get bored if I was just churning out the same old same old
    So i try to make someting that is one off.
    This applies to the quilts as well
    Again thankyou for your encouragement and I will keep you updated when things settle down here...

  8. Dear Savannah,
    Thanks for your encouragement and see my reply to Miss Leah please

    I wondered about contacting Miss Roses for her spin on things too...

  9. Dear MJ,
    I thought that you would appreciate that!
    Should I Quilt the Mistress a Bustiere? Perhaps with little maple leaf motifs to go with those wonderful wellies of yours? I see lots of red sequins... I can be very creative in that department.

  10. Dear Mago,
    I believe that infomaniac did start out as a very informative knitting blog until the unfortunate knit yourself a new uterus incident! Many misread the pattern and ended up knitting themselves a new Uranus. Pandemonium broke loose and an enquiry was held by the
    Federation For Universal Knitting and Crochet (FFUKC).
    And apparently that was the response.

  11. Dear Eros,
    I enjoy working with geometrics and colour. I dont go in for the fancy quilting stitch designs or the pro long arm quilting.
    I think that sometimes when it comes to quilting that less is more and things can lose their impact when overdone with stitching to the point where the pattern of the fabric print gets lost

    Thankyou for your encouragement and yes time is the main factor at present, and I feel good about accepting your compliments about my work, something that I have not been very good at doing in the past so thank you again

  12. Hello lovely.

    Did you call?

    I think it's a brilliant idea, you setting up an on-line shop. The totes are fantastic.

    Drop me an e-mail love, I'd be happy to talk through any ideas you have.

  13. Blimey! You've been hiding your bushell under the quilt. I love the bags... yes please start selling them online!

  14. Dear Roses,
    I am Sending You an Email for further discussion. And to throw around some ideas.
    Thankx for the offer i appreciate your generosity.

  15. Well hello Miss Scarlet,
    Lovely to see you.
    I have been hiding my bushell i suppose but now I guess that some of my talents are exposed. (i shall have to make a bigger Quilt)
    My request remains. Don't be shy, show me your work when the paint dries! I have some plans in motion for on line sales but need to sort out the Empress and her new hip first!
    Keep your creative juices flowing now won't you :)

  16. A new book entitled The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin might be helpful.

  17. Thank you MJ
    Have checked the link and will investigate further when i'm a little more cashed up. It does look very interesting though. I might try to find the book locally in the meantime...
    I will be in Melbourne at the end of the week while mum has her op so will have plenty of oppertunities to browse the plethora of bookshops down there in the "Big Smoke"

    Ps Are you still interested in that maple leaf festooned bustierre perchance?
    Maria George

    has a wonderful supply of seed beads and sequins, there is still time to send me your measurements!

  18. You are so very talented my dear!
    I wish I had just a teensy bit of your talent. I get ideas but have no way of getting them out of my head as I don't paint, draw, sew or sketch. Maybe I should take a sewing class or something