Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Princess Ripe for the Picking....

As you know Princess just loves getting down and dirty,

 and this week things are in full swing

in the "Palais De Steff " Kitchen Garden.

The farmhands have been eager, ready and waiting....

 To assist Princess in the Plucking...


The Tomato vines are heavy with fruit

As are the Zucchini

and Squash...

Not That Sort of Squash Boys....

I said "Not that sort of Squash"

Did you not hear me the first time now back to work!

There are root vegetables to be gathered...




Carrots to be pulled....

I see one of you have already found a carrot top...

And yes Benjamin, I know that you are very proud of yours...

 But again I did not mean that sort of Carrot!

I mean't these carrots.

Now boys, When you are quite ready...

  It's off to harvest...



Remember .....

When handling Princess'  melons...

Maintain a firm hand....

I dont want any breakages!

Now after all that hard work...

 I think Princess has earned a drink...

Cocktails Anyone?


  1. Nice carrots and squash.

    I'll have whatever you are having my darling.

  2. Strong fruits everywhere.

  3. Dear Xl,
    I'm very proud of my melons and they are so refreshing on a hot day
    I pump them full of vodka then slowly suck out the contents with a straw.
    After that I'm usually very relaxed, well more like comatosed:)

  4. Dear Pete,
    Today It's Watemelon and Vodka slammers!
    And I am very proud of my carrot and squash yield this year

  5. Dear Mago,
    I just love being surrounded by quality firm fruits, it is something that I insist upon.

  6. *relieved not to see Beast’s banana here*

    To see the banana of which I speak, click here and scroll down to the second pic.

  7. Now MJ, why did you have to bring that rancid banana with out to this fabulous Palais.

    You are just mean MJ!

    Princess dear, sounds delish. I'll help you suck out the contents.

  8. Hi ya.

    I thought I'd come and help out with the harvest. Don't mind me as spread my blanket over here and set myself up.

    Ahhh...that's better.

    Oh look...my glass is empty...

  9. Goodness me! I've turned into a beetroot!

  10. Ah, Roses brought a blanket, kind of picknick at standing rock ...

  11. Dear MJ,
    The bananas fortunately won't be ripe enough to pick for a week or two.
    That will at least give me some time to get a febreeze re fill

  12. Thank you Pete,

    That pic of mr Beastie's banana bum made me wince a little.

    Now, you can resume slurping...

  13. Thanks for joining us Roses,

    Just lay back on your blanket and we shall watch the boys working...

    Are you comfortable?

    Housboy! Miss Roses requires a drink...NOW!

  14. Dear Scarlet,

    Surely not?

    In some circles it is said that

    "One can always beat an egg"....


    "One can never beat a root"!....


    Might I offer you some champagne?

  15. Dear Mago,

    I see you have been reading some fine Australian Literature.

    There is nothing better than to be improving ones wisdom...

  16. Looking at these pics are enough to pop my cork!

  17. Let's put your veggies to good use. I'll take a Bloody Mary, please. Not a big fan of the watermelon, but I do like tomatoes and squash!

  18. So glad to be of service Miss Scarlet...

    Pop away!

  19. Dear Eros,
    It's nice to have a guest that is so creatve, I was wondering what to do with all my tomatoes, a bloody mary sounds like just the ticket, tho the "Empress Dowager" insists I make her a Virgin Mary
    But I always manage to slip in a jigger of vodka, she has not discovered the difference as yet, and I'm Not about to explain...

  20. All quiet in the palais, exhausted gardeners everywhere. I'll return later when all are awake ...