Saturday, February 13, 2010

To Console the Inconsoleable....

Dear Friends, Followers and Guests...

It is with some sadness that Princess must inform you that she will be away from her Post for several days as...

She has been asked to become...


Your Angel of Mercy...

 and has answered the call....

 from the local infirmary.

Her services are required in...

 healing the sick,

curing the lame....

and  consoling....

 the inconsoleable....

The "Empress Dowager"...

 has been awaiting a hip replacement....

Since sustaing an injury whilst attempting to copy some feats of extreme ironing...

You might recall this moment...

Well after this shot was taken things got very ugly

And as a result of this mishap...
 we are required to present for a pre operative consultation

So wish us luck won't you...

Till then...

Princess will keep you posted when she can...


  1. Good Luck!

    They are very good at hip replacements nowadays. "Z" has got a new one.

  2. Good luck!

    I hope things go as planned and she will be back shaking her groove thang in no time.

    Lots of love, HRH 'Petra

  3. Mistress MJ has relatives and older colleagues who've had hip replacements and all is well with them.

    In fact, one of them had TWO hips replaced and says she feels like a new woman.

    At one point a few years later she had to go in for a tune-up but it's been smooth sailing ever since.

  4. Get well soon, Empress Dowager...

    And best wishes to you, Princess, hope everything turns out well.

  5. Dear Xl,Mago,Pete,MJ and Eros
    thankyou all for your kind words and thoughts.

    Just a little background.

    The Empress has one already replaced hip and so knows what to expect in regards to surgery and rehab. fortunately she had private medical cover at that time.
    This time however, due to a very welcome divorce from what turned out to be a slime ball, {Fortunately not my Father, as he died suddenly 20 odd years ago} and having to re mortguage her home to pay this bastard out, had to let the private cover slip so we are at the mercy of the public health system...

    Which means waiting while the condition deteriorates

    We have been waiting for nearly 18 months now with the Empress gradually becoming less mobile over that time.

    Severe arthritis seems to work like this:

    Walking stick, mild pain, mobility managable and independent

    Then to crutches and moderate to strong pain, frustration with loss of function and mobility. Mostly independent but unable to drive car

    Then For the last 3 months a combination of crutches to get to the car and around in the house (fortunately it is a small cottage) wheelchair when out to the shops or doctors appointments
    tests and assessments, chronic strong pain that does not respond to much despite the use of strong pain relief, very little sleep due to pain and tearful depressive periods and not much solo weight bearing in between. and dependence with almost everything apart from personal care.

    With a permanently dislocated shoulder thrown in for good measure life is pretty damn difficult for her.

    I am hoping that after the assessment on the 15th they will opperate quickly.

    I am now her full time carer and am into my 4th Month of recovery from spinal surgery myself so it is a bit like the blind leading the blind at present.

    Apart from all of this, I still have my sense of humor (if not my sanity) as does the Empress, and we sincerely thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishes...

    I will post regular updates when i can...

    Luv to you all Princess XXX

  6. Hips, shoulders, spines - the joints are jumpin' ... I only hope you can rid of the payne.

  7. Thanx Mago,

    That is what we are both working on.
    Meanwhile plying oneself with vast quanities of aclohol causes temporary relief when it all gets too much.

    Bottoms up!

  8. you have my heart, sugar! i'll be keeping good thoughts for all y'all! xoxoxoxo

  9. Oh, do take care, both of you!

    A sense of humor is always a good thing...

    xo L

  10. Hello my darling.

    I just popped in to wish you Happy Valentine's Day.

    And now I find you are elsewhere.

    Hope you and the Empress Dowager are doing well and aren't driving each other nuts.

  11. Hope you have a nice Sunday.

  12. Oh public health system eh? I hear it's not so bad though.

    Chin up dahrrling! Everything will go perfectly alright and the empress will be up doing extreme ironing in no time.

    It's just sad that things have to become so bad before they actually do something to help.