Saturday, January 30, 2010

Princess Remembers....

Miss Scarlet. After causing me to recall such angst ridden moments of youth on your recent Post "Still Desperate"
I have been forced to re-visit some awful memories of youth that I thought I had managed to bury deep within the recesses of my septic mind.

The "Bay City Rollers"
"The Bay City Rollers" were my fantasy in the 70's. I recall My blue tartan, cuffed, crimpoline, bell bottomed pants and chunky platform ankle breaker shoes. When teamed with a skin toned, peter pan collared, polyester body shirt, a pair of Granfathers Old braces and tartan scarf, the look was Fabulous! Oh and I almost forgot.The chunky pendant necklace (pinched from mums jewellery box).
Well you looked Hot! That is, if you were not an extremely overweight, effeminate, 13 year old boy at a country secondary school!

I'm shhuddering in horror at the memories.

Although one of the older boys did flash his willy at me yelling "Poofta"

So it wasn't all bad!

However, then I discover that I have been rudely "tagged"!!! and must write something about sharing "three classic movie moments that have, in some shape or form, made me buy things/do things/think things that perhaps I shouldn't have".

Well Miss Scarlet in honour of your request here goes.....

Movie One:

Disneys' "Whinnie the Pooh"
As a child I had been read "The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A.Milne and Poohs many adventures with Christopher Robin so, imagine my excitement when Dad announced that he would take us to see the movie at the "Drive In"
Pooh Bear coming to life on the big screen! I was beside myself with anticipation...

Dad made up a mattress bed in the back seat of the car (no seatbelts or rules back then), while Mum got us all bathed and dressed in our pyjamas.
(Very practical. As there would be no need to wake us up on returning home and thus be carried sleeping from the car to our beds).

On arriving at the "Drive In" it would be close to dusk and Dad would take us over to the play ground before the movie started.

This night, to my horror, I met up with some other kids from my school.

Of course, they wre not dressed in their pyjamas. Oh no. Nor were they chaperoned by a parent to the play ground.

I felt totally embarrassed and humiliated and by the time I got back to school after the weekend I was the laughing stock of the play ground...."Princess in her pyjamas"  was the chant. 
 (a theme which continued throughout my school years, embarrassment and humiliation I mean, not the chant)

And to top things off I had nightmares about "Heffalumps" and "Woozles" for weeks afterwoods.
But on a brighter note I did learn that,

A: One should not attend public gatherings dressed in ones night attire unless of course it is deemed an all boy "Sleep over" and everyone is in their Pj's which provides for much more fun and exploration, especially when streaking became a craze! Then PJ's were not really required (but that's a whole other story)!

And B:

Pooh getting stuck causes much consternation!

Movie Two.

(Click on link for something about long slow build ups and late climaxes!)

I read the book first and was astonished to find that there were "Gay Men" and even "Drag Queens" in The United States of America. Let alone Georgia!

*in God we Thrust?* 

I instantly fell in love with the characters and their backgrounds, the descriptions of the City and History of Savannah, it's quirkiness and it's "appreciation of a fine libation" 

I, having read the book over and over, was extatic when "Dirty Harry" brought it to the big screen.
"The Lady Chablis" was just as I had expected her to be... herself!
And with the charming Messers Cusak and Spacey and young Jude thrown in for good measure found the movie to be just what I had anticipated.
as a bonus I loved KD Langs rendition of "Skylark" over the closing credits

From this movie I have learned that

A: It is Ok to ask a neighbour for ice at any time of the morning!

and thought that...

B: New Yorkers are crazy folk for not being able to sleep without the background noise of sirens and gun shots!
(Appologies to Miss Leah)

Oh and C: if you suffer from diabetes don't trust your Houseboy!

Movie Three

"Some Like It Hot"

Starring the wonderful Ms Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

As an ex Clarinetist
(Yes, Clarinetist I said, I can still  play a "licorice stick" oh and what an ombersure I posess!)
and lover of Jazz. When I discovered this film I was enthralled.

It occured to me that ...

A: Men in Skirts could look good (especially Mr Curtis)

B: Travelling  Girl Bands  sure knew how to party in those days!

C: Ms Monroe could actually sing, even when singing to an American President (that she "wasn't" involved with!)

And.... I thought that there was an inkling of hope for Princess....
because it suddenly occured to me that....

Aged old Millionaires don't mind doing it with men!


 If wearing a frock covered in spangles and nothing else can get you a gig singing

Happy Birthday Mr President.......

Then, there is hope for Princess yet!


  1. My favorite line from Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil is by Cusack's character: "This place is fantastic. It's like Gone With the Wind on mescalin."

    Excellent work with Miss Scarlet's tag. I'm angsty about what to write.

  2. What a harrowing finish to the cozy Pooh movie story! A pox on anyone who teased you, the little wretches.

    And my daughter was horribly afraid of Heffalumps and Woozles too.

    This is such a great take on the meme. You have more than convinced me to go right out and procure a copy of the book and the movie of "Midnight..."

  3. Leah: And when you're finished THAT book, you might want to try "Hiding My Candy" by Lady Chablis.

  4. I am not sure I want to remember. Then again I'm a sucker for a good meme.

    Some Like It Hot is one of the all time faves! I am a sucker for the old classics like Singing In The Rain, Easter Parade and Houseboat (just watched that one last night, Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, the most wonderful romantic comedy ever)

  5. Fabulous!
    ....I play the saxophone - give it a whirl - the fingering is the same as the clarinet but you get to smile instead of frown.

  6. Dear Xl,
    I loved that line, and also the scene made by "The Lady Chablis" at the cotillion.

    As for the tagging, just let the angst flow onto your screen!

  7. Dear Leah,

    Yes but it all blew over fortunately. Grownig up in a country town where everyone knows you, you soon learn to develop very thick skin!

    Perhaps the traumatisation of chidren the world over was the rationale behind "The Heffalump Movie" turning them into friendly purple cuddly things! Far too late for some of us I fear.

    Oh and by the way many of those "Boys" from the play ground did end up with a pox, infact for a couple of them several doses,(I think they were giving it to each other but just wouldn't admit it) as I discoverd in later years when I became a Nurse.

    Immagine their surprise to find Princess standing there ready with a syringe! Smiling sweetly while asking them to Drop their tousers.

  8. Dear Mistress,
    I am yet to procure a copy of that tome by Lady Chablis.

    Oh and don't even think about Touching My Candy!

  9. Dear Pete,

    It's spooky to think that you and I have such similar tastes in movies

    Singing In The Rain, Easter Parade And Showboat are all well worn and sitting on my shelves, along with,

    Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast a Tiffany's, The Wizard of OZ, Cabaret, A Chorus Line etc etc.

    The other night on telly I had to stay up and watch "Show Business"
    Great Cast and terrific vaudeville storyline.

    We must compare notes sometime...

  10. Dear Scarlet,
    I had a music teacher that showed me how to play his Bass Sax.

    As a 12 yo his instrument looked and felt huge in my delicate hands, and I couldn't quite stretch my fingers far enough to cover all the holes well, not at the same time as attempting to wrap my lips around the mouth piece to have a blow.

    He seemed impressed with my attempt though, and at the end of the lesson presented me with a set of springy hand grippy things to strengthen my fingers.

    I still have them somewhere in a box.
    I did however persist with the clarinet.

  11. Oh my god! DaaaaaaRhling!

    I have Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, Paris When it Sizzles, Roman Holiday, Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, Send Me No Flowers, The Little Princess, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Some Like It Hot, Cabaret, An Affair To Remember, High Society.

    I also have Gone With the Wind, Cleopatra, Fall of the Roman Empire, Ben Hur, The Sound of Music, Spartacus, The Ten Commandments and White Christmas.

  12. Dear Pete
    Just a few more...
    How To Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, My fair Lady, Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie get your Gun, Delovely, Practical Magic,
    42nd Street, Moulin Rouge,

    Brokeback Mountain, Ladies in Lavender, Rebel witout a cause,
    Shall we Dance, Interview with the Vampire, Oklahoma.

    Should I continue?....

    Oh and Bad Santa!

    It became my inspiration for not what to do when working with a Photograper at a shopping mall playing Father Christmas.

    I did this for several years, until he got ill and had to close the business but i still have the costume (I Made it myself)

    I have volunteered my time for the last couple of years with a nearby towns' community service club.

    Santa visits the old peoples home there, handing out gift bags of Toiletries and personal items and then goes to the Town Hall to give out presents to the children.

    This Christmas just gone, there were 200 kids waiting for my arrival on the local fire truck. An Aussie tradition.

    I really get a kick out of seeing the expressions on their faces, and the questions that i have been asked over the years, I think would make a good post.

    Have I prattled on for long enough Dhaaarling, I thought I could hear snoring!
    Luv Princess XXX

    ps I'm sure there are some ideas for future posts here Dhaaaarling

    I still find it spooky though...
    Were we Twins sepparated a birth?

    Again Luv Princess XXX

  13. I have a lot more movies. I'll make a post of it soon.

    We must investigate as I'm sure we are related

  14. You certainly live a fascinating and civic minded life! You not only survive but thrive against adversity!

    What were the people at Disney thinking when they made that terrifying Heffalumps and Woozles number? That was just creepy!

    I've been to Savannah. I know exactly where the graves are at and the club that Lady Chablis performs in (or did back in the day). In fact, it's one of the most popular stops on tours in the city! And most of those tourist are old, retired people who luved Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil!

    Atlanta, Gerogia is a huge gay mecca--I found this out when I lived there one summer. That was the first time that I ever went to a Pride Parade.

    My friends--some gay, some not, and some in between--who took me there were telling me that it was a gay parade. And I said, "Well of course it's a gay parade! All parades are gay and festive events!"

    And after they stopped laughing, they explained to me what they meant. You learn something new every day!

  15. Dear Eros,

    If ever I have the funds to travel again, Savanah is top of my list... mainly because of the impact that the movie had on me but after your field report I'm even more convinced!

    I have yet to experience a pride parade, I have never found my sexuality to be of a concern for me and have never personally felt the urge for public demonstration...

    Except for the times when close female friends have suddenly confessed their love for me and wanted to take our relationship much further...

    One in particular,(about 18 years ago) after having come over for a meal one evening, declaired her love for me and proceeded to remove her top mid confession of her desire, and offered me her bare chest!

    I gently informed her that although I admired her for her emotional honesty, and, that her breasts were delightful, her chest Unfortunately didn't quite have enough hair covering it for my liking.

    She soon got my message and became totally embarrassed and appologised profusely for her "Faux Pas"

    We still laugh about our "intimate dinner" and remain good friends even after all these years.