Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very Rude Awakening

"Goodness" I thought as I slowly aroused from sleep. "The sun seems to be rising, what a marvelous party, what a marvelous night, a spectacular morning" Did I mention the spectacular morning?

Alighting from my bed, after such a wonderful night, feeling a little thirsty, I sashayed down to the kitchen, opened my refridgerator ....

and discovered to my astonishment all of my champagne Had Vanished!

Reeling in Shock from my discovery and exhaustion from last nights perfomances..(Both on and off Stage).....I stormed back to bed... summoning the "Empress Dowager" on my way .

"Mother". I screamed!

"Round up the Houseboys"

Introducing Princesses' Mother "The Empress Dowager"

As I had taken to my bed ......The Empress immediately interupted the houseboys from their continued Fornications.. I mean... Celebrations..

And as you can see...

The Very sound of her voice is enough to bring them to attention!

The Empress Dowager demanded a thorough search of the Palais and warned that punishment would be meted harshly should they not return with "Drinki Drinki" for Princess

Let me just say that mother has her own unique ways of dealing with miscreant Houseboys

And is very clever and creative with her Macrame techniques.........

Threatening to make her new Houseboy uniform designs mandatory.....

Needless to say the hunt has begun!!

Oh and if any if you recognised or can identify any of the items left in my fridge.

Pleased call by and collect them!!


  1. oh goodness me! Is that my prostetic arse?

    *gives Princess a bottle of cava*

  2. i am so singing up for a maid service this year, sugar! ;~D xoxoxox

  3. Dear CyberPete,

    After you efforts on NYE you are probably in dire need of your prothsesis! I shall have one of the Houseboys summoned to deliver it to you immediately..
    Oh.. and I hope that that is not the same bottle of Cava you were using the other night!!
    XXX Princess

    My dear Miss Savannah,

    Your looking Fabulously well following your recent festivities.

    There is no need to sign up for a maid service dhaaarling that's why I have Houseboys, and the Palais is not looking at its best since the last party.

    I shall instruct the Empress Dowager to arrange for a cleaning guard to be formed.

    You are more than welcome to call over and observe the activities whilst quaffing champagne or any other beverage that your heart desires!

    Luv Princess XXX

  4. Have you noticed that CyberPete's prostetic arse has stretch marks?

  5. Dear MJ,
    Princess thought you may have nodded off!
    And yes, I did notice, but is it any wonder after what he was attempting to do with Champagne and Cava bottles here at the Palais on NYE!

    I got ZhaZha to give it a good scrubbing (The Fridge) after sending his prosthesis back to him!

    Luv Princess XXX