Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Satiate Your Curiosity...

Princess has had several people ask me lately about "The Empress Dowager"

And her iconic sense of fashion, dress sense and style.

They have also enquired as to how she manages to maintain her unique couture in such pristine

Well Dhaaaaarlings...Princess is going to Spill the beans.....

For many years the Empress Dowager has closely followed...

the fabulous fashion styling's of none other than

"Miss Betty Dress Nice" herself!

Of course, Mother has been absolutely besotted by....

"Betty Dress Nice"

For many years now...

Even in her very early days....

To the point where she stalked Dear Mr Beaton until....

she begged him to shoot her....

In a similar gown and pose to "Miss Betty Dress Nice"....

(if only he had used a gun)

This frock

Was the inspiration for Mothers "Extreme Ironing Board Surfing" ensemble....

Either that or, perhaps it was the wallpaper, I can't exactly remember....

Over many years Mother has copied the sophisticated trend setting

"Miss Betty Nice Dress"

Through many of her iconic phases...

The "Autumnal" period.....

And then various "Blue" Periods....

This is one of Mothers "Favourite outfits" as she can see the practicalities....

"Empress use umbrella to punish houseboys"
*giggles evilly to self*

Then there was the lovely mauve hat with matching tent...

The White Delapodated Rack Gown....

Lemon Sherbet Houseboy mustering regalia ....

And of course, who can forget the famous ....

Red Period

Meeting someone dressed in red...

And of course this famous ensemble....

Mother was engrossed by "Miss Betty Dress Nice" and her public murkin!

Although, Mother does always manage to put her own spin on the trend...

The Empress is very pleased that "Betty Dress Nice".....

"Dress Nice"

To wrangle houseboys for inspection.

Empress insists on having her own team of houseboys.....

To meet her very strict laundering needs...

"I no trust that "ZhaZha Kinky Bitch" with Empress precious things"...

"Empress see "ZhaZha Kinky Bitch" poki poki Empress delicates rudely longtime"....

"Empress use own strong houseboys"

Empress also has squad of "Iron Mans" to maintain her couture....

In perfectly pressed...

And pristine Condition....

Mother has now gone hunting for another new hat like....

"Miss Betty Nice Dress"

She wears me out just thinking about it!

Princess needs a drink Dhaaaarlings!

You're more than welcome to join me!


  1. Is that a yogurt stain on her blue frock?

    I see that Mother has borrowed Miss Kabuki Zero's pink merkin.

  2. It's just one unflattering frock after another, isn't it.

    I heard that her comment to Cathrine Tates performance at the Royal Variety Performance "well, it certainly is variety" and then she moved onto the next person in line.

  3. Good old Cecil. The only man who could photograph panzer wrecks like abstract art.

  4. Dear MJ,

    I do reall her asking one of the Laundry boys to "No washi washi, you just hang! Then overheared her calling her publicist!

    And Miss Kabuki thought it was Princess who had snuck in to train her pets! It was Mother purloining his pink murkin! He probaly hasn't
    time to realise yet. What with being so busy "Free ranging Children" and nocturnally "draining lizzards"!

    Luv Princess XXX

    My dearest CP,

    What a F******g Liberty!

    Well I did say that Mother does have her own Iconic Style!

    I'm still wondering if "Betty Nice Dress" was wearing a "Mistletoe Belt Buckle" similar to MJ's, as "that thing" wearing red and vivid war paint, was snapped in another shot,stooping very low toward "Betty's" secret lady place!

    Luv Princess XXX

    My dear Mago,

    Dear Cecil certainly had the gift!
    In Mothers case, he was able to make a "sows ear", look like a "silk purse"! Genious!

    ps Have your toes warmed up yet my friend? You may require more cuddles!

    Luv Princess XXX

  5. Well, the hats certainly are remarkable!

    ...and the houseboys even more so...

    hello, just popped over from MJ's!

  6. Welcome to my humble "Palais"

    Dear Miss Leah,

    Feel free to call by any time, you will be made to feel more than welcome
    House boys are avalable to serve cocktails (and any other requirement you may have) 24/7 as, it is always after 5 somewhere in the world!

    Thankyou for your vist

    Luv Princess XXX

  7. LMAO... Priceless :)

    And loving some of those ironing services... :P

  8. Dear Miss Joanna Cake,
    Welcome to my humble abode,
    Thank you for calling, feel free to do so again!
    My housboys are trained and willing to meet your every need.
    I shall consult the Empress and enquire if we might be able to come to some arrangement with her "Iron Mans".
    Though she can be a possessive old cow!
    Luv Princess XXX

  9. Betty's merkin is fabulous.
    A Norman Hartnell, no doubt.

  10. Dear Jason,
    Welcome to my humble abode. So lovely to see you.
    I believe that "Miss Betty's" Merkin is fashioned from collected and dyed, shead corgi hair! How creative!
    Luv Princess XXX

  11. She's got a big pair of knockers in that "white delapodated rack gown" of hers, but she's not showing them to her full advantage. That dress should have a sexy daring plunging neckline, which show cleavage, enhancing her wonderful decolletage with a hint of blusher, and a beauty spot placed on the fleshiest part would only enhance her bountiful mammies. Fuck the birds and gladioli Mam, howabout some leopard print instead? Princess Margaret should have been Queen, now she had style.

  12. Liz does luv the pearl necklaces!!!

    I wonder how many she's gotten from Phil!