Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Princess Cools Her Heels.........................(An Invitation)

Princess has been experiencing hot flushes...

With temperatures here reaching high 30's to mid 40's Celsius for the past week...

Without any sign of relief on the horizon...

Princess has been dowsing herself frequently....

And feeling quite parched...

Have had the Cabana Boys running ragged, serving Cool, Thirst Quenching, Fruity Cocktails...

As my Northern Friends are experiencing extreme cold and heavy snow falls...

Princess thought that an invitation to a ....

Might be just the tonic...

To lift you all from your winter woes...

With chilled Champagne.

And refreshing and colourful Cocktails...

So come on down an join me by the pool won't you?....

The poolboys are awaiting to meet your every need...

And are desparate to demonstrate their underwater ballet skills...

And my houseboys.....

Are waiting to serve....

More Champagne Dhaaaarlings?...

Bottoms up!

Don't you just love a pool party?


  1. I just hope you haven’t invited any Infomaniac bitches.

    Who can forget this incident from Mistress MJ’s last pool party?

  2. Dear MJ,
    The house boys are well trained in dealing with All forms of spillage.
    They are prepared to handle any unseemly occurance!
    Luv Princess XXX

  3. Sounds fabulous dahrrrling.

    A bottle of Bolli under a large parasol by the pool sounds like my kind of party.

    Your staff looks mighty enticing

  4. Ah Princess - what a delightful surprise! Damned timezones, I am terribly jetlagged, one Daiquiri ... wounderful. Where do you find all these good looking humans? At the beach?
    Hello MJ, hello Pete - I am over there in the shade ... if I fall asleep please will someone turn the umbrella ... ach ...

  5. Dear CP,
    How nice of you to call by.
    I hope that my staff have warmed your spirits, bolli and umbrellas just fit together so well poolside!
    Feel free to be enticed!
    Luv Princess XXX

    My dear Mago,
    How lovely that you could join us. Given that you are jetlagged I shall instruct one of the houseboys to hum you a soothing lullaby to assist you in catching up with some sleep. He will also turn your umbrella, should you be kissed directly by the sun!
    I have often been seen at the beach in my "Beach Baiting Costume" you can take a look at me in it in the post "A Seaside Adventure"
    Unlike others, I have not yet learned how to link! I apologise profusely for this inconvenience.
    Luv Princess XXX

  6. Oh yes please! Then I can take these wretched thermal tights off once and for all.

  7. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    You're more than welcome to join us poolside dive in the water is fine!
    I shall pop a cork in honour of your arrival.
    Champagne dhaaaarling?

    *Taking miss scarlet aside for a moment and whispering sweetly in her ear*
    Now my dear,Speaking of tights. I have been toying with a post in tribute to the no-longer "Wet Tight" bush draping phantom. Who has been troubling my gardeners to no end. No names will be mentioned but I wondered if you would be offended should I proceed?

    Now where are the others?
    Oh I see that dear Mago is still sleeping but he has had his umbrella turned.
    And there's Pete and MJ warming their wieners on the extremely large forehead of my cabana boy.

    Shall we rejoin them?

    Love Princess XXX

    Ps..I shall await your response

  8. Hello Princess,

    Your balmy temperatures inspire nakedness. Heat without a woodstove - a toast to your southern innovation.

    Your pool, your mouth-watering beverages... so inviting. I'm wondering if your toothsome staff has any experience removing icicles from the nether regions?

  9. Oh I heared the lovely voice of Scarlet Blue ...

  10. How lovely it is.

    Bolli and all. I'll be lounging a little longer. This place really warms my cockles.

  11. I am removing my winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves at top speed even as we speak, ready for some rays and a sweet cold drink!

  12. Dear Mr Hawkke,
    How lovely to see you here in the flesh and welcome to my humble "Palais de Steff"
    My Housestaff are well trained and your wish is their command!
    This is a clothing optional venue so please make yourself at home!
    Houesboy! Cocktail for Mr Hawkke!

    My Dear Mago,
    I see you have awoken from your slumber. You did indeed hear the dulcet tones of Miss Scarlet but alas I know not her whereabouts.
    I last saw her dissapearing into the bushes over behind the cabana!
    You are looking much recovered from your jetlag!

    My Dear CP,
    Don't think for a minute that I did not see what you were upto with your cockle and my extremely large foreheaded Cabana boy!

    Feel free to linger a little longer. More Bolli Dhaaarling?
    Need I really ask?

    Lovely to see you Miss Leah,
    Cocktails or Champagne? Which do you prefer? How remiss of me not to have asked you about your favourite drink, I would have had the Cabanaboy ready one on your arrival however as you can see,
    CP is very taken with him!
    Make youself at home, the water is just divine!

    Now all of you just lay back relax and enjoy the heat.

    Luv Princess XXX

  13. Indeed, dear Princess, indeed - refresshed, re-charged, even empowered ... where did that Scarlet girl go?

  14. I'd like a stiff one please Princess.

  15. Given how chilly it's been in these parts, I'll settle for a hot tub. But I will take up your offer on the drinks, please and thank you!

  16. Dear Miss Mitzi,
    Thank you for calling by. It is lovely to meet you
    I shall try to accomodate your needs immediately. "Mother! Wrangle the houseboys for inspection by new our guest Miss Mitzi"
    This will take but a moment..given mothers effect on them, I think you will find something stiffen to your liking.
    Please feel free to call again won't you. just make yourself at home.

    Dear Eros,
    Drink as much as you desire...
    Bottoms up!
    Luv Princess XXX

  17. Damn. Missed another good party.

    *walks off grumbling*