Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Tight at the Palais....

Princess is holding a "Tribute To Tights Day"

 (Which includes Stockings and Pantyhose)

I just love the look of them dont you?

I find tights to be very sexy, sensual and, appealing to the eye...

both versatile and practical in form.. 

 to wear while relaxing...

While consuming a quiet cocktail after a busy day...

 Erotic to see...

When  worn well by some...

And Houseboys just love playing about in them...

 Yet, sometimes I find them to be  Very Disturbing....

Disturbing? Surely not Princess? You might well ask...

 well conscider this...

The Housboy Applicant who forgot his "Botox" shots before his interview! 

Or this...

I vuagely recall someting about "Freakin Green Elf Shorts"

I think have discovered just the thing to complete the horrid ensemble! 

Bu the way...... Has anyone seen them lately? 

And then there is this!....

Unfortunately..... this trend seems to be catching!

Tights can be delightfully colourful...

Prettily patterned...

And even bejewled....

Some of my favourite Men In Tights....

Dear Sir Robert

The delightful Mr Curry


One of the Palais Farmands who ran off to join the Ballet

And of course...

Mr Nuryev

Who always looked good. With or without tights!

Then there was this clever young gentleman that I happend upon, while taking  my morning exercise in the garden!

"Just Yogaing"

He replied, when I enquired as to his intentions.

Just Delightful!

Tights are well known for their ability to compliment any outfit

Musrard Skirt withTartan Tights

Striped Tights....

"Miss Chanel" it would seam...prefered them to be "Drawn Upon Her Person"

And then there are just fanatics!

When tights become old and past their "use by date"

 For example, like after being holed...

Or laddered....

I have discovered many Creative.....


and handy uses

around the home...

The Houseboys are still enjoying themselves

A little too much perhaps....

But there is one thing I will say....


Some things just do look better....

In tights!

So come on over and Kick up your heels.....

And we can celebrate with a Toast to Delightful Tights


  1. By the looks of that cafe chair, I see that Beast is trying to recreate the Sally Bowles role from Cabaret in those red fishnets.

  2. Even I, the Queen of high maintanance has been photographed wearing tights. And TFGES.

  3. My Dear MJ,
    I had the "Febreeze" ready on hand for his anticipated arival.
    Given that he is such an avid theatric and his penchant for recreating "musical theatre", I knew that Mr Beast would "breaking his neck" to visit and be happy to pose for some Publicity shots.

    My Dear CP,
    I must admit that I am somewhat confused and bewildered by your correspondance.
    Unfortunately Princess is not familiar with the term "Tfges"
    Is this a foreign language "term of endearment"?
    And why must one "YELL" it out?

    No doub't, you would be the "Belle of the Ball" Adorned in tights, one can only imagine.

    Luv to you both,
    Princess XXX

  4. Well done on the comprehensive tights coverage! The stripy red/green ones are scary though.

    Oh Hai MJ, Pete!

  5. Dear Mr Xl,
    Thankyou for your kind feedback
    I did warn that some might be disturbing:0

  6. It's the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts, dahrrrling.

    I'm terribly sorry for the confusion.

  7. Dear Pete
    Thankyou for the clarification
    Princess is just not herself at the moment but i am sending you a little gift
    Luv Princess

  8. I'm in a bit of a huff about tights but this has consoled me considerably!

  9. Oh my! Thank you dearie.

    You shouldn't though, as I'm sure the likes of the delightful Donnnn and ever breathtaking Miss Scarlet would say I don't deserve it.

  10. Oooo, so glad to see you share my fetish for men in tights...

  11. Hi, That's a lot of tights hun!

  12. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    It is good to see that I haven't lost my touch when it comes to consoling the inconsolable!
    I was just discussing this skill with MJ recently!

    Luv Princess XXX

    Dear Pete,
    Since when have you been conscerned about what others might say?
    I couldn't think of anyone more deserving:0

    Luv Princess XXX

    Dear Miss Leah,

    I knew there was a reason why I liked you! Snap!

    Luv Princess XXX

    Why Dear Miss Kerry,
    How lovely to meet you, and thankyou for calling.
    Please feel free to visit again,

    Oh how wonderful, look at all those sequins!

    Luv Princess XXX

  13. PRINCESS! sugar, i love tights in the winter, but living here in the south, come spring i wear nothing but flip-flops! xoxoxox

  14. Dear Savannah,
    I love the terminology of Flip Flops! Here in Oz we refer to them as "Thongs" I can hear you giggling...I am aware that in other countries the word thong is a reference to something called a "G-String" or in more "Common" parlance "Crack Floss"!

    Luv Princess XXX

  15. I like tights. I wear them all winter (no, not the same pair).

    Recently, I've been experimenting with stripes, diamonds and colours other than black.

    I've been enjoying the experience, though The Cat and Boy are perplexed by it all.

  16. Dear Roses,
    I find that it is always fun to experiment
    Luv Princess XXX