Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Celebrating Australia Day?.....

Its Australia Day Downunder, and people will be Celebrating in the streets..

And as usual...

Millions of un suspecting Sausages will be ....


There will be enough beer consumed to...

literally build...

several boats...

And sink them.

And how could I almost forget...

The Age Old Tradition of...

A very popular sport in the North

I Know... it is rather Gross.

There will be much celebration on the beaches...

And Houseboys...

In uniform every where..


And even posing...

Which is not all that unusual...

Eventually Naked....

And getting up to their usual hijinx.

However, dispite all the...


And National Self Flagilation

Princess has a delimma....

I prefer to refer the 26th of Janurary

 As "Invasion Day"

On behalf of our original owners and First Nation People.

Australia has a rich indigenous history that has almost been obliterated by white mans invasion.

The current Map of Australia looks like this...
The Original Map of Australia "Pre Invasion" looked like this...

Each colour on the map represents separate Indigenous Nations each with their own traditions and culture.

In times past The Indigenous Population was included in the National Census poll under the heading of

"Cattle and Livestock"

Charming I think Not!

Finally gaining full Federal Voting Rights in 1967

Government Propoganda would have us believe this....

When the reality is....


And This..
In many of the remote communities.

And what they want us to Celebrate is stereotypical images like this...

And this is only the "tip of the iceberg" of my levels of disgust

The difference in life expectancy between Indigenous and Non Indegenous Australians is 17 years.
A recent UN investigatoin into indigenous policy in Australia deemed that we failed to meet many of the criteria in regard to health, housing, land rights
and social justice and human rights.

Happy Invasion Day!

What is there to Celebrate??

"Mother, Pass me the Bottle"


  1. First!

    A cunning way to highlight the plight of the Aboriginal people.

    You're a softie at heart (note I said 'heart', I'm not implying you're soft anywhere else).

    Happy Tuesday! (even though it's still Monday here).

  2. As an outsider, I don't think it is appropriate for me to comment on Oz domestic politics.

    I do hope you get the day off from work and you can spend it with those you care about.

  3. Is nipple tweaking a traditional part of the celebrations?

  4. Dear Roses,
    Thank you. I appreciate your feedback and yes i am a big old softie at heart!
    Luv Princess XXX

    Dear Xl,
    As the Puplic Holiday falls on a Tuesday, the traditional "Aussie Sickie" was pulled by many on Monday giving most a 4 day break!

    Dispite having a sense of being an outsider, there is a link on the post giving a historical account around some of the indigenous issues, don't hold back on commenting! I have very thick skin!
    Luv Princess XXX

    Dear MJ,
    Nipple tweaking as a national sport, more commonly known as "giving a cripple nipple"
    I find it both amusing and stimulating.
    Luv Princess XXX

    Ps I do hope the links worked.

  5. It is a terrible thing what was done. I just hope things are being rectified and the few remaining aboriginals are treated properly. Many years ago I took an indigenious peoples class mostly about the peoples of papa new somewhere. At the time I thought it was fairly boring but that being said I've actually read the texts we were given, years later.

    Now, we can't just sit here and cry about the past. Tomorrow we will do something about it but today we will frollock on the beach with houseboys and the likes

  6. It seems to be the same the world over.
    It didn't help that we sent over our crooks. But they weren't really crooks. One of my relatives was sent to Australia for stealing a pig, because he and his family were starving.
    Anyhow, happy frollicking!

  7. What a strange coincidence, I had no idea about any Australian festive day, but just last night I was searching the web for Australian aboriginal music, no digeridoo thingy no midnight oil thingy, I remembered a film I saw years ago, black-white, very depressing about the situation in what I would call homelands, don't know wether the expression is adequate, and at the end there was a band, they came together in one of these metall-things, I'd call it a hangar, one or another had still an hangover, singer and front man pulled a sacco over his chest and they rammed in a kind of - what? Rock and Roll? Loud, fast, mean and very powerful - I still remember that excitement. No I could not find it on the web and all these happy kind a feel good lets hav a hug music does not come near it. My memory me intriguing? Maybe, but there was anger and power, not tea and sympathy.
    In the end its all about being real. And now excuse me please Princess, I'll occupy this sofa over there ...

  8. I think it's fantastic how you're highlighting the plight of the native people.

    I've been to an Indian reservation in Arizona--most depressing place I've ever been, just outside of the bustling, metropolis of Phoenix. It's not just that their lands have been taken; it's like their spirits have been broken.

    I was astonished to learn how the these particular American Indians raked in millions off their casinos and leasing out their lands, but none of the young, able bodied people ever want to leave the reservation to see the world or even the city outside the reservation! They were just content to spend their casino checks on booze and not do anything! It's like they had no drive, no imagination, no desire for something more, something better. It was so sad.

  9. Hello Princess,

    Your moving post brings to mind the movie "Rabbit-Proof Fence." It is the same disgusting story in North America. If only the fact that some of us care about the wrongs could do something to ease the pain.

  10. Dear Pete,
    Horrible histories seem to get brushed under the carpet, glorified or ignored to save political face.
    Enjoy your houseboy hijinx

  11. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    I am decended from one of 2 brothers transported to Tasmania together, for stealing a crock of butter, and a piece of meat cut out of a leg of cooked pork that had been cooling on the window sill.
    They only got found out when the meat and butter hidden in the haystack was found and the bit if meat matched the missing chunk from the farmers roast.
    So much for staving off starvation!
    Much Frolliking has been done!
    Luv Princess xxx

  12. I wonder if we're related!
    I tagged you, btw.

  13. Dear Mago,
    I vaguely recall the content of the movie you are refering to but I too don't recall its name.
    Things are changing here particularly in music and movies with Indigenous talent everywhere.

    Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu a blind singer/guitarist and song writer is fantastic and sings in his native language, Very haunting and enthralling misic and voice.

    The Warumpi Band is another group
    Loud, fast, mean and very powerful.

    "Tiddas" female singers, and some terrific movies have just been released "Brand New Day" a musical
    "Sampson and Delilah" A gritty but romantic and real movie about indigenous youth.

    You know that you are welcome on my sofa any time
    Luv Princess XXX

  14. Dear Eros,
    Yes it is sad but true, broken and lost spirits are difficilt to mend but it is not all bad.
    There are many positive things being done to improve indigenous health culture etc but fortunately or unfortunaely this is often undertaken by the communities themselves out of desperation, like banning Alcohol from the township,in an attempt to decrease domestic violence and child neglect.
    It was working very well in some communities.
    The Government then waltzes in claiming they will support and develop the programs with money and resources.
    Initally by instituting paternalistic quaranteening of recipients incomes and replacing Money with redeemable vouchers for big chain supermarkets, the nearest being over 100km away in many remote areas! Just Brilliant!

    Unfortunateley the resources that are provided are bureaucrats and the money goes into their on sight airconditioned electrified fly in fly out project offices, while the locals continue to live in abject squallor around them.
    But i guess that "seeming" to be doing something about "the Problem" is politically better than actually doing something real.

    The real push for change comes from the local communities and broader popular support.

    The Government has a long history of ill timed and ill managed intervention in these matters

    But HOPE springs eternal!
    Luv Princess XXX

  15. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    Gosh you were Quick off the mark!
    I'm still only halfway through my replies ( the joys of Dial up)
    What is this tagging thing by the way i'm all excited! You must tell me all about it!
    And yes we could well be cousins Are there Any "Foote"(Surnames) in your history?
    P XXX

  16. Dear Mr Hawkke,
    How lovely of you to call by,
    There is a fantastic new movie out called "Samson and Delilah" Set in an indigenous community using untrained local actors. Gutsy and raw that tells it how it is! I think that it premiered at Cannes last year If it comes your way go and see it!
    There is a groundswell occuring in Oz re indigenous issues, it began with Reconcilliation day which has become a yearly event millions of people walking in solidarity with our first nation people in every city and town
    "Welcome to Country" Speeches and ceremony by traditional owners is now part of most community events and gatherings, even in parliament.

    There was a national "Sorry" Day
    Appologising for the ills of the past. Interventions that were well meant but had disasterous consequences in years to come
    All this sounds very admirable but tell that to the mother supporting 6 kids and doing quite well thank you until the mandatory quaranteening of income was implimented in Indigenous outback communities. Now her life is hell.

    I worked briefly with indigenous clients in North Queensland and saw much disempowerment and broken spirits, but i also saw a lot of hope emerging along with changes in white community attitudes.
    It was a very humbling,moving and attitude changing experience for me as well.
    We live in a "Global Community"
    apparently? yet the plight of First Nation Peoples seems to also be Global!
    Luv Princess XXX

  17. Apologies for being fast and loose in your box!
    P.S If you tick the follow up comments box you can get replies emailed straight to you.
    The meme is waiting for you at mine!