Monday, January 4, 2010

Princess Celebrates an Erection.....

Following the shocking loss of Princess' "Beloved Barn" on the occasion of her humble
"Palais de Steff Warming and Welcome" ...

(Who would have thought it would be a burning and not just warming!)...

I would like to formally announce with much Fanfare.....

and Celebration....

The Erection....

and completion of my new fantasy room... oops...I mean...

New Barn, Stables and Farmhand Lodgings

Come over and meet some of my Farmhands....

As you can see... they are already making themselves feel at home.

Meet Shaun, the Royal sheep shagger....oops.... I mean shearer.

and some of Shauns' Shearer Mates....

This is Equis, my Royal Horse Hung.... oops..... Horse Handler....

Some of the other Farm hands were keen to test out their new digs..

And are more than happy to give a new chum...

some helpful guidance...

So the Bubbly is on Ice....

And the cocktails are waiting.....

So are the Houseboys.....

Just waiting to meet your every need.....

Here's' to my Newest Erection!

Don't you just Love a Party?


  1. Bottom photo...

    That magnum of champagne is pointed toward your Secret Lady Place.

    Mind the cork when you open it.

  2. And MJ knows what she's speaking about.

  3. It appears that you are not short on poles. I hope you studied the faqs closely.

    Do you have a hot tub? I need to relax a bit after I've been riding all day

  4. Did CyberPete say faq or fag?

    And what was he riding?

  5. Dear MJ,

    Princess always ensures that her secret lady place is well alligned!

    Dear Mago,

    I know, I did see her Horn on NYE!

    Dearest CP,

    You have obviously been Riding... I mean... I did mean Riding my research.

    The hot tub is undergoing maintenece at present... but feel free to crawl into the bidet for a relaxing flush!

    Dear MJ,

    Is it not obvious?

    CP has been tinkering with my Royal Hoare Handler... oops..Horse Handler!

    Luv to you all

    Princess XXX

  6. Darrrling Princess

    I could say that your staff is very impressive, pleasing and/or talented.

    However I will just say this. I like coming here

  7. My Dear CP,

    Just remember to clean up your stains before you leave Dharrling!

    Luv Princess XXX

  8. I'll make sure one of my people take care that, dearie.

  9. Due to a surly dispsition I am not much of a one for parties :-(