Saturday, January 9, 2010

Out Out Damn Spot....

After all the recent partying....
"Palais De Steff"... is looking a little dishevelled...

Mother just loves house work....

So I have instructed the "Empress Dowager" to....
round up the houseboys to form a cleaning party

As you know already, the very sound of her voice gets them lined up and rearing to go...

Mother announced...

"Princess want you to scour the Palais until it shine like new pin"....

"These are Empress Dowager new pins. (holding them aloft to show strength and power)....

You no worki worki very hard.

Empress give you little prick!"

"Houseboy Number 1 ... you clean windows!"


"ZhaZha".... "Stop helping! You go back laundry!".....

"Houseboy 2... you clean fire palce!"

"Yes! even big one. You answer back Empress. I give you prick!!!"

"You three there" ..... You have too much giggle giggle"....

"You get Broom and sweep sweep!"

"No No you not use special broom, she visit Princess!"

While relaxing Princess noticed that vacuum cleaner boy was not in uniform....

Mother!...... I called sweetly.... "bring one of your pins!"

The response from houseboy was instantaneous......

Now, that's much better.... "And don't get too carried away while you're at it!"

Oh well???

I just love house cleaning Dhaaarlings... I can watch Houseboys at it all day!

Especially Houseboy cleaning......

Princess will be out by the pool for the rest of the day.....

You are more than welcome to join me..

Oh...Have you met my cabana boy....

He is very adept with a cocktail shaker.....

Drinks anyone?


  1. I'll take a piña colada from your exceptionally large foreheaded cabana boy.

    Oh, and note to the houseboys. No ironing of your mothers dress as it looks less that ironing friendly. Bless. Much like HRH Lizzies dresses.

  2. CyberPoof: You can rest your cocktail wiener on his forehead while you're sipping your beverage.

  3. Very practical MJ.

    Didn't think about that. Are you resting your wiener on his forehead too?

  4. Dear CP,
    Your "penis get's harder" woops...
    Pina collada is served!

    Now MJ, was that an "Orgasm" for you or a "Slow comfortable"?

    And both of you stop trying to cook your sausages on my Cabana boys Beautiful Forehead, he will be charred for life!

  5. Bless you, dearie.

    I think mj is more interested in a blowjob

  6. My dear CP,

    It hadn't dawned on me but, now that you mention it, "The Empress" did say something about a missing vacuum cleaner!

    Luv Princess XXX

  7. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    Tomorrow is my laundry day--time for washing, ironing, and folding. I may have to get a ZhaZha as it's a little too cold to be walking down to the laundromat.

    It's freezing around these parts. Does the cabana boy serve hot chocolate? Please and Thank you!

  8. DearMr Eros,

    I shall instruct my cabana boy to prepare a large thermos of steaming hot chocolate and inform him to bring it to you direclty.

    His "Pink Bits" may be a little chilled on arrival, feel free to warm him up in what aver manner suits you! He is always greatful for any soothing ministrations!

    Luv Princess XXX