Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Palais in Mourning?

Not on your Nelly!

Dispite the horrific thunder storms

And torrential downpours

The old year wound down and the clock ticked toward......

The Palais Showgirls continued on with their floor show....

Like the Loyal little hoofers that they are..

And Princess prepared to welcome in the New Year on stage with her dulcet tones...

supported by "The Screamin Bitches"...My back up singers

(whom are forever arguing with each other, usually over Houseboys or Gardeners)

And.... "The Palais de Steff Orchestra".... Whom I'm afraid, prefer to be known by their stage name
"The Scroat Sucking Lab Lickers"

Such Vulgarity.

To the Strains of "Auld Lang Syne" and Other old Favourites like......

"Knees Up Mother Brown 'caus we need to check your cervix"

I Graciously thanked all my guests for their company, friendship and attendance.....their witty repartee.... for Polishing off most of the Alcohol..... And Many of the Houseboys!

And lead a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday Miss Savannah!

and all recieved a little New Year trinket as a keepsake

As the skies cleared.....

Princess Looked up to check the moon and it looked like this......Hic..

Later..... on checking the Houseboys..... I discovered that it was Business as usual!

Still up to their old tricks and celebrating.....

But I did manage to find my own beautiful young and handsome "Blue Moon"

Oh... And just a little hint from Princess.....

From this side of the world I can tell you already that 2010 doesn't seem all that different from 2009 !

So .....
Pass the Champagne Dhaaarlings?..... Princess is thirsty...XXX


    A treat for the eyes!

  2. Happy New Year, Princess!

    At least you know how to treat a lady...

    Unlike Beast and his rude photos.

  3. Dear Miss Scarlet,

    Thankyou for dropping by.

    It is always a pleasure to see Miss Blue.

    Enjoy your NYE celebrations!

    Though I am a little conserned...

    Since you left, one of the house boys keeps asking how he can contact you!

    And all along I thought he was a friend of Dorothy's!

    Dear MJ

    I'm glad you could call by, given that chez Infomaniac is sooo busy tonight!

    I have given some thought to your offer, but am consulting my extensive "Talent Register" and thumbing through some more suitable positions ...

    (Places original copy of Karma Sutra on houseboys buttocks whilst he fills her arse... oops I meant Glass!)

    Oooh these bubbles tickle

    Princess XXX

  4. Happy New Year dahrrrrrling!

    Did he pop his cork?

    Excuse me, while I join the houseboys.

  5. Dear CyberPete,

    Feel free to join the Houseboys.

    And yes, Several times, thank you for asking!

    Mistress will be pleased to know that my balls are no longer blue!

    *Giggles and sashays back to bed*

    *calling from Boudior*... I hope that your New Year is as Happy as mine!

  6. Happy New Year!

    Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic time.

    Brilliant way to kick off 2010. xxxx

  7. Good for you Princess

    I'm still working on my first bottle of Champagne but I'm sure that'll change.

    Your houseboys are very acomodating. You've trained them well.

  8. Happy New Year, your Royal Highness!

    2010 isn't that different, you say? So no flying cars or floating cities then?

    Well, I guess that leaves the airways clear for little old me.

  9. Dear CyberPete,

    Call me when you have got your second one in!

    Just like my houseboys, you sound like you're so very accomodating Too!:)

    Dear Mr DeVice/Your Magesty,

    You are looking well, given your workload!

    I was a little dissapointed and very surprised not to see flying cars and floating cities, then I recalled the stock market crash of last decade and realised that this is what had pobably happened with the flying cars and cities too!

    But that does mean un-interupted flight for you and Broom!

    Next time you call feel free to park Broom in the space next to Mothers'. The Emperess Dowagers' Broom also loves to party!

  10. I'm almost done with my second bottle now, dear.

    It's Cava and not all that fabulous considering the last bottle was proper Champagne.

    The show was great, the dancers fabulous and the canapés delightful. Great attendance and I think it's about time I retire to my budouir.

    *tucks feathered silk bathrobe, adjusts Manolo Blahniks, waves to the adoring crowd and staggers off to bed with bottle of red Cava in one hand and dancer Hakim Karitzis in the other*

  11. Correction, dressing gown not bathrobe.

    Cheers dahrrrling

  12. Dear Cyberpete,

    For goodness sake! Dhaaarling, just whip that old thing off and jump into bed!!!

    Sweaty... I mean... Sweet Dreams!

    Big KissesXXX

  13. One must protect ones modesty, dear.

    Where did you find your houseboys? MJ poached mine and Hakim and Jamie are never home, being professional dancers and all.

  14. Dearest Pete
    You have obviously not seen my "beach baiting" costume!

  15. why, sugar, y'all are too kind! i am truly looking forward to getting to know y'alls delightful and charming self in the new year! xoxoxoxo
    hapy new year!

  16. Why Miss Savannah,

    I'll be looking forward to that too!