Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silly Season for Stocking Fillers

The silly season has arrived....
Princess has been very busy(as I am sure we all have) hunting down those little treate that can be stuffed into stockings at the last minute.

I am fortunate enough to have my own little stocking filler....

and it would seem that Santa does well enough on his own!

Here are a few treats that I discovered whilst out shopping with Dorothy (My treasured Ass)

Handy I thought!

And of course a happy man!
Then there was something I found for my more health conscious friends....

very yummy ...

Have a very happy and healthy Christmas and Holiday season,


  1. Lock up your valuables.

    I have invited my bitches over to the Palais.

  2. MJ,
    I thank you my dear. Princess and here Housboys are getting very excited. It will be my First soiree!.
    Cocktails for all!

  3. hello, sugar! i've brought champagne! xoxoxo