Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to my house warming

Things are warming up down here!!...


The House boys are trained to cater to your every need...

Pink Cocktails all around!....

And there will be party games...

I just adore a party don't you?...


  1. One of your houseboys used a most peculiar swizzle stick to mix my drink!

  2. is it hot in here, or is it just me?

  3. Houseboy! Over here!

    I need my drink stirred.

  4. Hello everybody. Pink fizzling stuff in my glass tastes funny. Nice house - your barn burnt down? Pete has his hands full, Jason puts his shirt off - well defined triceps there - and MJ ... well, the fellas have to stand a lot. 'scuse me Princess, with your gentle permission I'll have a look around the garden.

  5. MJ welcome to my humble abode. Conscider it your home away from home.
    The Housboys taining is coming along niceley then!

    Welcome Jason.
    Thank you for coming, and yes I must just be you that is feeling the heat. You're sooo hot!!
    Princess was wondering if you were interested in filling one of the Houseboy positions?

  6. Welcome CyberPete! I did mention that my Houseboys are trained to meet your every need!

    Why Mago, how lovely to see you. Yes it would appear that I am having some difficulty in the barnyard (farmhands rolling in the hay). Please feel free to roam the gardens. The gardiner may well be out there playing with his new tool again!

  7. Visiting from Infomaniac.

    Oh Hai MJ, Pete!

  8. *....screeches to a halt on customised tri-cycle and flies over handlebars*
    Hello Princess, I have been transported here by MJ. Can I have a large cock

  9. y'all do know how to throw a party, sugar! *drinking from the champers bottle now* xoxxoo

  10. Sorry I'm late. Did I miss any excitement?

    Wow. Your houseboys are cute. Damn shame they're flocked round Cyberpete and Jason.

    Savannah love, pass the bottle.

    Princess, what a fab place you have here. Thanks for invite.

  11. Hi xl Welcome and thanx for dropping by.

    Hello there Miss Sacarlet. But I thought you had already landed on .. oh.. I mean met my Gardener. (What with such a grand entrance.) Make yourself at home though won't you!
    Hello savannnah welcome, Yes we do know how to throw a party downunder! More Champers honey?

  12. Well hello there Roses welcome.
    You have really only missed Miss Scarlets entrance with my gardener. After an entrance like that, I think he'll be needing a new tool!
    Feel free to call any time, though I will be needing to erect..
    I mean, build a new barn!
    Yes and the Houseboys are Just Quality are they not?