Thursday, December 24, 2009

Would you like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?

Welcome to Christmas in Australia...

Did you know that Australia has it's own piece of paradise called Christmas Island...

Sounds idyllic does it not?

You will arrive surrounded by pristine tropical waters...

Then taken here.....

and welcomed to your accomodation...

Welcome to Australia "Mate"

And the best that we can do is send you home with...

Christmas island crabs!

Yes I said Crabs!
Merry Christmas?


  1. If Christmas in Australia entails gurly drinks with colourful cocktail umbrellas, I'm there!

  2. GGAAARRGGLL ...that' terrible! These animals - are these animals? It looks like some long time results of atomic tests, Tarantula friendly greets over the dunes ... NO SIR - You won't lure me into a desert inhabitated by such awful creatures, right into one of Bosch's friendly landscapes, garden of earthly delight they may call it, in German it's Garten der Lüste, Garden of Lust? (Ohh Bob ... )

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  4. That is what popped up in my head.

    And Fröhliche Weihnachten to you.

  5. Eeek! @Mago's video.

    I just realized that it's Christmas right now down under!

    Merry Christmas, Princess!!!

  6. Dear Mago. Thank you for your informative Video.
    In some circles arachnaphobia was considered to be a deep fear of male genitalia.
    Fortunately I'm cured! Merry Christmas.

    Dear MJ. You did remember that I live in the future! Thankyou, and thanks again for all the fun and games.

    Concider me the ghost of christmas future!

  7. Why dear Miss Savannah.
    Merry Christmas to you too!
    It's very hot down here so I'll be looking forward to a day full of cold mint julips and long tall Iced Teas, Hic! Oops! please excuse me, thats the vodka chasers!!XX

  8. That is really new to me, an astounding information. I am arachnophobic, large spiders and such animals as crabs "machen mir Angst" - I'm not sure how to translate this properly. I think it is because their lack of a face, there are no eyes, at least no visible ones. Wonder what trail of thoughts leads to the connection between fear from spiders to fear from willies.
    I'll enjoy some Silvaner now.

  9. Dear Mago,
    I'm glad this post has been so informative "machen mir Angst" I'll try a translation. It could mean " causes me great anxiety and dispair" or "makes me consume many cocktails an other such alcoholic beverages" There you have it ! Princess always tries to be accommodating. Enjoy your day.