Monday, December 21, 2009

The gardeners new tool

As you know, Palis De Steff has extensive gardens requiring a large team to to keep her bush looking neat and trimed

On inspection I managed to find one Gardener actually working...

I found some of the other team members having fun in the hot house

The boys seem to be happy with their new tools....

Whilst my head gardener remains waiting for his...


  1. Mistress MJ’s gardeners can’t keep their minds on their work.

  2. Came over via MJ to welcome you to the blogosphere.


    The garden looks lovely. Enjoy the plowing and fruits of your labor!

  3. Dear MJ. Is that a ff shot for New Year? I am impressed by the Size and Length of the Canola growing in the background.

    I haven't learn't how to link yet, but give me time!!!!

    Hello Mago! Did you discover my head gardener on your sojourn into my gardens?

    Welcome to you eroswings. I loved your post on surviving Haunted Houses. Very amusing.