Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I would like you to meet Miss ZhaZha. My faithful, and ever hard working, "Madam" of the Palais Laundry... She loves to catch the breeze neath her skirts and never seems happier than when attacking those difficult to remove stains.......

Every day ZhaZha spends hours removing stains and other assorted manchester mishaps, usually created by sloppy houseboys.

This is ZhaZha laundering at her old machine. Constantly complaining about her "Prunie Hands"

So... Princess invested in a new modern machine for ZhaZha, to stop her constant whining, and see, she is smiling already...

And due to the never ending sorded solicitations of the Houseboys ......

Every day at the Palais is Houseboy washing day.....

Yes, I said Every day.....


  1. With pics like this I'm sure that there is always an assortment of stains.

  2. Could Miss ZhaZha recommend a treatment for yogurt stains on my blue frock?

    wv (word verification): comely

  3. Dear Scarlet, you are soooo,right!

    Dear MJ. ZhaZha contacted her dear friend Moniquahahaha. Who could offer no suggestions, other than, to hanging it back in your robe for future evidence... oh, I mean... reference. She did add that she found Cigars difficult to remove... from their wrappers!