Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day at the Palais

Princess just loves Boxing Day. It's one of her most favourite days following Christmas

The houseboys have been training all year for this very event

It is one of the highlights of their year... and although they appear a little shy, you can see the lust and excitement in their eyes

I generously allow them to box each other to win my leftover Christmas baubles and trinkets

After a quick coctail top-up..

It's on..

Even some of the locals get involved...

And, as always, the houseboys tend to become distracted...

More cockltails boys ...I can see that Princess is going to be in for a very long night.....

Oh I do love Boxing Day!


  1. Why, hello! Thank you for your gracious invitation and the Christmas wishes from the future. Those houseboys of yours really are very well trained - Did they attend the same school as Mistress MJ's?
    I must say, this is a very tasteful residence you have. I shall definitely be returning - And not just for the Two of Spades and that industrious pruning Gardenboy!

    I hope your christmas was free of incident, and I wish you a bountiful Boxing Day!

    * downs remaining pink cocktail *

  2. Dear Princess,

    seriously hoping that all them boxers at your command will fulfill your wishes and needs happily,
    I remain,

    sending you seasonal grettings,



  3. Princess: It might be of interest to you that IVD is a witch and hence, may be carrying poisons hidden upon his person.

    Mago, as you may know, gives an excellent massage but is not on loan, even to royalty, at this time.

    Oh, and I prefer this comment format over your previous one.

  4. Dear Mr IDV, Thank you for calling by, My houseboys are still in training, they are keen learners and do try their little hearts out to please. I can cope with their little distractions.

    Dear Mago, Thank you for your wonderful warm wishes for the festive period.

    Dear MJ. Thankyou for your concern for my safety re Mr.IDv.
    As he arrived on Broom, while stroking his crystal balls I guessed that something might be up!
    Though I noticed he did consume the last glass of pink cocktail ..(left over from my house warming)
    Does he have a drinking problem or is he just a big ole Lush?
    And Yes, Mago does give a lovely Massage.