Monday, December 28, 2009

A Sea-side Adventure

Princess and some of her friends are off today on a Sea - Side adventure.

the Champagne is chilling...
And the hamper is packed and ready....
I do hope you like my new Baiting... I mean Bathing costume...
There will be enough Bathing Boxes for all, so wont you join us?......

And of course the houseboys will be there... all on show in their "Budgie Smugglers"

See what I mean.....

One of the houseboys on entering the water swallowed something that he shouldn't have....

Having had some sort of mishap, needed to be carried from the water....

And then allegedly required Mouth to Mouth resuscitation....

My suspicions were aroused when the the "Victim" became aroused and the resuscitation continued in the upright position ......

And by then some of the other houseboys insisted on giving their assistance too...

Whilst others were able to remain focused on their employ...

Princess and her friends had such a lovely adventure...

Won't you join us next time?


  1. Ooh, I'd love to join you next time, although I may need to purchase a new bathing costume as mine may be a little passe now.

    Perhaps Houseboy 644 can attend to my liquid refreshment needs?

  2. I can't believe IVD beat me over here with that snapshot of him in his leopard print bikini.

    The difference between IVD and your houseboys is that IVD doesn't look like he's smuggling anything in his swimsuit.

  3. My suit sits correctly.
    Nice tits, IDV.

  4. Oh my!

    What adorable outfits your houseboys have on. D'you think it'd be alright if I talk them out of them?

    *takes to the water hot on houseboys heels with glass of pink Champagne*

  5. Dear Mr DeVice,
    Please get a new swimsuit, and if you think that houseboy 644 is cute wait till you meet No 666!

    Dear MJ,
    It must be due to your NYE preparations that you're running late my dear, Though I'm sure Mr DeVice would clear customs without raising so much as a second glance!

    Dear Mago,
    why it sure does and fills out in all the right places!

    Dear CyberPete,

    You be careful in the water chasing houseboys and don't go swallow anything you shouldn't.
    You have seen what can happen!