Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Monthly...... April....


Hello Dhaaarlings....

Where the hell did March go to? It seems like only yesterday that that I was heralding the start of Another Month of celebrating "The Year Of The Arse" and now here we are at April!

Oh well... Lets have some celebratory cards shall we?

Happy Fish Day Darlings!


  1. HAHA! Poisson d'Avril!


  2. Can you please ship Mr April over immediately? I have a wall that needs him to lean on it.

    Mr March buggered off without a by-your-leave...

    (and by the way, for the next few hours, it's still people who live in the future!)

  3. I am so LOVING the Year of the Arse!~

  4. I thought for a minute you were telling us you were into fish or something. And is that your newest houseboy darling? I see yours are fond of clothes too!

  5. seriously. Where DID March go? I told my brother at dinner last night that I thought I had bugs on my teeth from how fast the month sped by. Weird. But here we are! Looking forward to what you create. xoxox

  6. *sigh* and i've only read 4 books! *double sigh* xoxoxoxo

    (i want some flying monkeys!) ;~D