Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello Dhaaarlings....

I have Eight Crow Costumes to make...

If only it was this easy...

 I'd love to have Mothers Jones level of skill and ingenuity....

So far all I've got to show is a pile of various black fabrics some hat bases and some sheets of yellow "foam" card and some feather boas with gold sparkles 
But all this is soon going to change...

I'm hoping that soon the above pile of black, yellow and sparkly oddments will transform into something like these....

Wish me luck Darlings.... I think I'm going to need it!


  1. I imagine great things will be forthcoming.

  2. Hello Princess:
    They don't call it a murder of Crows for nothing......!!!!

  3. I could watch that pic over and over and over...
    Good luck, the costumes will be fab.

  4. Cool graphic!

    Awaiting to see the Princess magic performed on these!

  5. I have no doubt the Princess will overcome this hurdle. After all, she is of royal blood, eh?

    Couack! Couack! Couack! Couack! Couack!

  6. What about the stripey tights?

  7. What in hell are those big black rounds things? Oh Lord, saying that reminds me of when I hooked up with my first black man.........

  8. I'm reminded of the quote from Henry Ford: the harder I work, the better my luck.

    You don't need good luck've got talent, determination, creativity and vision.

    Instead, I wish you happy work!

    The crows will look outstanding.