Friday, April 13, 2012

Fascinating Feathery Fascinators Toto!....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Now that the Witches Gown has been put to bed...

 Princess can get on with pondering and mulling over ideas for costumes for the Wizard of Oz.

The colour Green has been on my mind of late.... Emerald Green

While out and about over recent weeks I have stumbled across some wonderful finds in opportunity and thrift shops.

A beautiful vintage jacket in emerald green shantung and a roll of satin that is the perfect matching colour.

I have costumes to make for several groups of differing characters in Emerald City

The plan is to have the three kids in each group wearing matching costumes.

I'll run off a pattern from the jacket I found and make two more to match.
Then I plan to team them with knee length flared skirts from the roll of matching green satin....

Sounds like a plan Huh?

In the meantime... whilst pondering the above...

I've made three matching fascinators to finish off the outfits! (Nothing like putting the cart before the horse given that all i have is a jacket!)

The jacket has beautiful antique buttons with little pearl insets which might be a bit of a challenge to match.... but I'm sure I'll find something similarly suitable

The head costumier also had a wonderful find.

A vintage ensemble in dark green crepe....

A long sleeved hip length jacket with a Chinese style collar and single frog closure and long split pencil skirt to match.

Again... I'll draft a pattern from it and make two more to match the original.

Finished off with three more fabulous hats that I'll make. (I have the bases already to go)
I'll show you the original and my progress on this plan in a later post... but believe me they will be fabulous! 

In the meantime.... between pattern drafts...

It looks like I'll be doing a lot of Creme de Menthe all weekend  Darlings....

You know you are welcome to join me!


  1. Ja, the sparkly details make it!

    Got any Absinthe?

  2. Hello Princess:
    We suspect that you are, right at this moment, burning the midnight oil, so to speak, but, oh, with what spectacular and alluring results!

  3. Looks like you're drinking green, er, thinking green!

  4. yes, yes, Ill join you in a sip darling, and can I wear one of those fascinators whilest we sip? I promise not to spill.......