Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ding Dong the Witch is................. Almost Done!

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Princess has been beavering away at the sewing machine for much of the day
Here's an update on my customers Witch Costume!

There is still a bit of work to be done on it... Like the sleeves still needing to be attached to it.... but it will be rip roaring and ready to go for a fitting tomorrow afternoon...

Here it is from the rear....

Neckline Detail...

My customer decided that as her party is part Birthday and part Celebration of surviving a recent battle with breast cancer she wanted a plunging neckline with a lacy inset... "I've still got some cleavage you know!"....
I've used the same net on the cuffs of the sleeves and may even add a draped cape/ hood to the shoulders with the fabric remaining...

Sleeve/Cuff detail...

I'll let you know what she thinks after tomorrows fitting Darlings...

Now it's time for a little drink

I think I've earned it today!

Ps.... You may not have noticed but "Maude" my (ancient dressmakers dummy) now has new legs!
They are a result of cutting down an old card stand that my brother was throwing out of his shop. 

Maude doesn't know herself.... But.... The Cooking Sherry is 
still under lock and key!


  1. Hello Princess:
    What a stylish witch your customer is going to be. The detailing is spot on and it is surely going to be not only fun to wear but also add a dash of drama to the proceedings. Bravo, Princess, a triumph!!

  2. Dearest Princess...

    Bravo !!!


    An artistic triumph my Dear....

  3. Bravo on the neckline detail!!
    I am the third bravo...
    She's gonna love it.

  4. Oh WOW!

    That's fabulous!

    You are just amazing. The work you do....


  5. I love it.
    The cobweb lace is very cool.
    Sexy and sinister!

  6. If Maude is looking dazzling I'm sure your client will look "dazzlinger" to the power of ten!!!


    OMG, Maude's feet even have brakes!!!

  7. The spider web details are really cool. Excellent work!

  8. you are wildly talented. I love the color and the way you've used different materials on the sleeves. You've earned that drinkee! Well done.

  9. It's beautiful, she might want to became a full time witch when she tries it on. Is she going to dye herself green like Grotbags off Emu's World?

  10. Darling would you believe I almost wore a simliar creation for Halloween this year? I just knew you had wonderful taste.I know you'll be the one to design my grand peacock gown!!!!! Now have another.......