Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bend and Stretch....

The Gr..ass... is always greener Dhaaarlings...


  1. He doesn't look too green to me... I imagine that he knows exactly what he's doing.

  2. One should hope so my Dear Miss Scarlet

    The Palais grounds I have recently had an infestation of lawn grubs... This lovely gentleman offered to rid me of them...

    Even if he doesn't quite know what he is doing... He is still quite nice to observe as he chases the little blighters hither and thither..

  3. He reminds me of the cottontail rabbit in my yard.

  4. I wouldn't mind being the lawn grub if I was in front of him for the panoramic view.

  5. Mmmmmm.....

    Can I borrow him to get rid of my lawn bugs? I'm sure I've got an infestation...and if I haven't I'll get some.

    PS. My wv: hunfil.

    Yes please.

  6. Dear MJ

    Lets Call him Peter shall we?

    Dear TB

    A frontal assault on the grub would be the recommended position....

    Dear Roses

    I shall enquire as to his availability on your behalf...